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Saw GP with DS - suspects Dyspraxia

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Pammym Tue 02-Oct-12 10:23:06

I posted the other day about DS and how he is struggling with his fine motor skills, speech and hand/eye coordination. I saw the GP last night and he agrees that it could be dyspraxia and he is referring him to the community paed.

If he is dyspraxic, what help do you think I should expect from school? Someone mentioned Occupational Therapy the other day - what sort of things are they likely to do? Will he be SENCO registered?

Is it likely that the things he is struggling with will get better over time but it may just take more practice/effort for him? He is nearly 6.

porridgelover Tue 02-Oct-12 12:36:49

If you get OT you should have access to a combined fine/gross motor acquisition programme combined with Sensory Integration. That would be the best possible therapy for a child with a confirmed diagnosis of Dyspraxia.
The first step though would be to have him assessed by the Paed to exclude any childhood illnesses. Then, ideally a Psychologist to assess for any learning issues that may not be obvious.
Finally, the OT would assess and treat.

If it is confirmed as Dyspraxia the Dyspraxia Association is a useful resource.
Madeleine Portwood is a Psychologist who has done extensive work on Dyspraxia and her books are usually in your local library.

Pammym Tue 02-Oct-12 13:34:21

Thanks porridgelover, thats helpful information.

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