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In shock at SLT report

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Handywoman Mon 01-Oct-12 11:41:04

DD was under private SLT for one year intensive therapy for severe language delay aged 4. She was under community Paeds then and was to be assessed for ASD but then discharged after making great progress with language.

She is now back under the Community Paeds as she had problems engaging at school and continued mega temper tantrums, not coping in group situations, being asked to leave piano lessons etc. I had thought maybe we were looking at ADHD but Community Paed referred us again for assessment for ASD and OT for gross motor skill issues. We are still waiting for these assessments.

In the meantime I have had her language re-assessed by the private SLT because I have had ongoing concerns about her expressive language and new problems with reading comprehension.

So it seems my DD now aged 7.5 has normal language skills (which is quite an achievement and I am extremely proud) but severe problems with non-literal language. We discussed how this could be a typical Aspergers profile.

This has floored me because I was sure I was expecting persisting problems with fundamental language skills. Despite referral for ASD assessment I never truly believed ASD was where the problem lay. But now that SLT has got me thinking about DD, who is not obsessive or reliant on routine, but is inflexible about 'rules' and often cannot comprehend the intent of others, I can now see that this is where her (sometimes extreme and uncompromising) behaviour is coming from.

It is a 360 degree turn in my comprehension of my DD. My friends and family are just giving me usual platitudes and no space to grieve or have these feelings. I feel like it is all being brushed off while my world is temporarily turned upside down.

Not sure what I am looking for except just to sound off. Of course I absolutely accept the SLT's findings, they have just left me in a bit of a dark place for the time being.

Thanks for listening.

HW x

zzzzz Mon 01-Oct-12 12:20:54

I can see how not getting inferred meaning could be interpreted as aspergers like characteristics, but not a "typical" Aspergers type profile. Because for a diagnosis of aspergers you needed to have normal to precocious language development in the early years. Aspergers as a diagnosis is no longer recognised in many areas (or perhaps being phased out USA better description?), so you would be looking at social communication disorder,ASD or perhaps HFA??

SALT should not really be suggesting a final dx, only commenting on the language elements of your dc.

My ds has a severe language disorder, though he too has made huge leaps in language in the last few years. I found this quite interesting,

Having read endlessly, I think you must keep hold of the fact that outcomes for ASD are on the whole better than for language disordered individuals. (by better I mean you are more likely to achieve independent living etc)

Handywoman Mon 01-Oct-12 12:39:06

....don't get me wrong, my SLT is clear about her boundaries and is unable to diagnose Aspergers (or ASD as it may soon become known, or HFA or whatever) but I asked her specifically if the sort of language profile is one that can be associated with individuals with ASD. She said yes and also pointed out to me that DD is quite inflexible about some things, especially exceptions to the rules of reading (which are obv numerous) etc. and that this has marked emotional/behavioural consequences.

Thanks for the link, I am a big fan of Dorothy Bishop. There is so much we do not know about these different diagnoses and who knows if the DSM5 is even going to make any difference. And actually my other DD (Dyslexic) suffers much greater deficits in terms of accessing the school curriculum. It is just that the profile of my DD is one that I had just not seen until now. I am just trying to take it all in.

HW x

Ineedalife Mon 01-Oct-12 13:14:25

Hi handy and welcome to the sn board. I have a Dd who is 10 and has a dx of ASD although we say she has Aspergers, she is very high functioning but has huge problems with higher language skills such as inference and literal stuff.

We have noticed this more as she has got older and the expectations of her have grown.

I was in a different place to you because I knew Dd3 had aspergers but it took me 3 years to get my concerns taken seriously and 3.5 yrs to get the diagnosis. For me it was a relief and for Dd3 it has been really helpful.

Whatever happens your Dd is still the same person and nothing will change that.

Someone on here told me to see the diagnosis as a signpost instead of a label, the signpost helps to point people in the right direction to help your child.

Good lucksmile

Handywoman Mon 01-Oct-12 22:56:37

Thanks, INaL


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