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Has anyone done a gluten lite type diet.

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ellie4 Mon 01-Oct-12 10:21:47

I am currently considering doing a gluten lite diet for my ds 6yrs. We have done GF in the past a couple of times but was not that strict tbh. Currently he is having gluten but seeing as his behavior isn't great I am considering taking out the the gluten again. Only problem is not in the UK and having problems finding GF bread that he will eat. When he has been GF if he eats gluten I there is no noticeable difference in his behavior. When he has started eating gluten again in the previous 2 times there was a worsening of behavior after about 6 weeks. It's last time it was reintroduced there was no worsening around the 6 week mark. There was a period of bad behavior after about 10 weeksish but as ds2 also had a downturn in behavior too I put it down to other factors.
I'm wondering if there is any benefit to cutting out the gluten as much as possible? I know according to AiA then absolutely all gluten should be cut out but in my mind surely having gluten a few times a week has to be better than having it at every meal and snack? Am I just kidding myself? I would be interested to hear if anyone has done something similar and was it successful?

ellie4 Mon 01-Oct-12 10:23:04

Sorry for mistakes, pressed post instead of preview. Hope it makes sense.

bochead Mon 01-Oct-12 13:25:28

I try not to be wholly wheat reliant, but to ring the changes a little as other grains are known to have higher nutritional content in areas relevant to my DS's dairy intolerance.

I have NO idea how easy these are to get hold of where you are but we regularly use the following, all of which I think are gluten free.

Teff - used for making ethiopian style flat breads and pancakes. Can be obtained most places where there is an E.African/Yemeni/Somali/some arabic populations. Very high in iron some other crucial minerals. Avail in the US via most Health food stores.

bochead Mon 01-Oct-12 13:29:32

Quinoa - calicium rich and a complete protein in it's own right. We use it instead of rice/couscous and the like. Some people make a porridge with it but I think it's bleugh in that form. Mad easy to grow in UK climate too.

Amaranth - again we use it as a rice type replacement. Not so keen on the taste as quinoa so we only have it rarely but it's OK.

I think oats have a lower (though not gluten free!) gluten content than wheat so perhaps swap to an oat based brekkie cereal? They certainly have a better GI (blood sugar rush effect) than corn or wheat based cereals so I tend to only serve oats at breakfast before school if a grain is offered at all. (DS does best on a protein based brekkie really).

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