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headteacher as lied

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gallonofwine Sun 30-Sep-12 21:43:41

i have a 6 yr old son who recently had a criteria done but because the head never disclosed all of his exclusions and behaviour his consultant said for now she will see if carms down and socialise better, now last friday after we went beserk after staff at school were witnessed by parents grabbing him the head disclosed how do we cope at home why i asked well hes hyper and full of life and into everything i was stunned why i asked did you not tell his consultant not reply as yet , our son is loud and hyper and often gets into scuffs as he doesnt understand when to stop or share and play fair and it is rather blunt at times when speaking so now i dont know what to do and hes already getting into mischeif at school as they are tackling his figiting the wrong way by yelling at him which frustrates himthis form of discipline to him is a attack as he belives is ok to figit and chat at high volume any ideas

coff33pot Sun 30-Sep-12 22:16:30

Yes start making your own diary of any issues at school or at home. Email the head teacher and the senco with the concerns you have put here to starts king a paper trail.

Go to GP and ask to be referred to a community paediatrician and tell th everything you see that is going on with your ds.

Don't wait for the school because they obviously don't have a clue and delay is doing more damage x

SallyBear Sun 30-Sep-12 23:37:48

Good advice. smile

coff33pot Mon 01-Oct-12 00:06:31

Two things..............1) its a developmental pead you want NOT community blush

2) If your son was excluded from school then did they not issue you with a written letter advising you of the exclusions? If so there is your log as school should be making a log of every exclusion. If not then the exclusions are illegal....bear in mind that even half a day sending him home is still classed as an exclusion and should still have a letter given.

auntevil Mon 01-Oct-12 10:40:05

I would also say, no letter and you won't be able to take him home.
So many schools cover up the level of exclusions to make it appear to the LEA that they are coping better than they actually are.
If they say letter tomorrow - fine, but if it doesn't appear, don't give that option if there's a next time.

Shellywelly1973 Mon 01-Oct-12 10:57:57


Main things to help situations like this are:

Get evidence of exclusions, as auntie says above. If they dont give you a letter dont bring your ds home.

Get outside help. Look up your local Parent Partnership.

Keep a diary.

Keep any and every letter from anyone that relates to your ds behaviour.

As coff says make sure your ds is referred to a Developmental Paed.

Start reading everything and anything on your ds rights regarding his Education. Contact IPSEA.

Best of luck...

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