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Trying to see the head...

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NoPinkPlease Thu 27-Sep-12 19:40:23

Hello - long story behind my ds' (poss asd) start to reception but this is the email I sent on weds morning to the school. No reply yet, how long would you wait before starting the proper complaints process... :-( also, does this email sound shirty??
Further to messages on Friday 21st and Monday 24th regarding meeting with you about our experience of the transition into school of my son, X,I spoke to the receptionist at the school again today. She let me know that you want to speak to (the SENCO) before you meet with me. 

I understand that this is important for you to do, but I would ask that as this regards the ongoing health and safety and emotional wellbeing of my son who has special needs, and also potentially involves the need to take some action that will impact on future local authority application deadlines to increase the support for him, could we please arrange a date to meet so that is in the diary for both of us.

This week, I am available on Friday 28th all day, and this would be my preferred date to meet to find a way to move forward. If not, next week, I am available on Thurs 4th and Fri 5th.  I feel it is essential that we do not meet later than the 5th October.
I'm really finding it hard to know how pushy to be - background is that no specific support has been put in place and no acceptance of help from area SENCO, no change to security highlighted by local authority and no paperwork (inch thick at least from about 6 professionals) passed to class teacher despite loads of transition effort from us and nursery. What should my next move be?? We've started the statement process to try to get him out of there but that's at least 5 months to go...

Thanks for getting this far...

NoPinkPlease Thu 27-Sep-12 21:03:52

Sorry, didn't really ask a question, did I?! I guess it is.. How long from requesting to see a head would you expect to wait to be seen / get an appt?

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 27-Sep-12 21:05:45

Why do you want to meet?

NoPinkPlease Thu 27-Sep-12 21:20:17

The school are applying for top up funding and I know they won't get it if they can't show they are using their own budget for the first 17.5 hours of support which they promised but has not happened. So I want to ask where that support is and check they know this.

I also want to complain that the class teachers weren't given any of his paperwork before he started in their class and that none of the security measures recommended by the local authority have been done. I also want to ask why the SENCO hasn't taken up the offer (offered 3 times) from the early years inclusion officer at the LA who has been working with us all for 2 years...

If I get the chance I'd also like to ask why no-one seems to want to talk to me! The SENCO, head of early years and now the head don't seem to want to answer my calls or even look me in the eye and I've had so little to do with them, I can't have pissed them off yet! Just one transition meeting so far that's all the direct contact so i feel they're just avoiding me - it's weird.

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 27-Sep-12 22:30:09


So put that all down in writing. It creates an evidence base for the future and boy will they be quick to meet with you after that, rather than confirm or justify their behaviour in writing themselves.

Always create a written record, and dialogue whenever you can.

NoPinkPlease Thu 27-Sep-12 22:37:39

Thank you - I'm a bit close and emotional with this, can you tell?! Will put it in writing - job for the weekend.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 28-Sep-12 09:25:11

If you write it all down, you can consider your point carefully (leave at least a day between finishing it and posting/emailing it), you establish an evidence trail and, depending on your wording demonstrate that you are a rational, reasonable parent asking sensible things patiently.

This will make you very scary and powerful in any future mediation or tribunal.

whatthewhatthebleep Fri 28-Sep-12 11:13:32

Do 1 thorough email and send it to them all...awaiting reply asap and wanting details of meeting to address everything.

Creating your paper trail is vital and if you email all parties involved there can be no confusion...and if you know who their superiors them too...the more the merrier!!

Good luck smile

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