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I thought the transition to high school was going too smoothly......

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alison222 Thu 27-Sep-12 17:20:26

I had the dreaded call this afternoon, to say DS had been in a fight in the middle of a lesson today.
I was concerned that he wasn't getting the correct TA support - ie that they were not keeping a close enough eye on it.
To be fair the SA that rang me had clearly had another look at the records as she did say that " you did say that....".
The school hauled off DS and the other child and took statements from them as to what happened and asked others in the class to verify it.
The SA said that DS was very upset and very subdued for the rest of the day and she was ringing me to warn me what I might expect when he came home.

Yes he was wrong to fight. He knows that. He is very upset about his loss of control. He was provoked repeatedly according to him by the other child. I think I believe this.

He is likely to get detention for fighting. He is upset but says it is probably fair as he did fight.

I only hope now the school will keep a better eye on what is going on in class.

moosemama Thu 27-Sep-12 20:17:48

sad poor ds Alison.

I hope the school gets the message loud and clear about listening to parents concerns and making sure he gets the support he needs.

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