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Statement For DS

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Summerblaze Thu 27-Sep-12 12:50:55

My DS1 is 5 in December and has just started school. He has been under a SENCO at nursery and has been transitioned to the SENCO at his new school. Last night as I was leaving school the head teacher came to tell me that they were looking into doing a statement.

I really had start to think that things were looking up but now I feel back to square one. DS1 is different to other children his age but hasn't got a diagnosis for anything.

He didn't talk for quite a long time. When he was just over 2 he was diagnosed with glue ear and after 2 lots of grommets, ear infections and his adenoids removed, we feel now that his hearing is improved. He started saying more words when the first grommets went in and says much more now as his last lot of grommets and adenoids removed happened in June this year. He understands lots of things now but not complex questions.

He has lots of little things that he does that is different to others but I can't seem to put a finger on what it is. The head teacher asked if anyone had mentioned autism. I asked why and she said because when he gets excited he waves his arm . He has only started doing this in the last year.

He does have some autistic traits. He twirls around, yet he only does this to music and calls it dancing. He is fully aware of what is going on around him and stops if I say anything to him. He also likes playing with my hair while sucking his thumb or a fluffy teddy. The SALT that he sees asked about this years ago and I said that he was probably like his sister who likes to feel the tickets on clothes, teddys etc while she sucks her thumb. He has not a lot of road sense and can sometimes get angry although he very rarely lashes out.

He gives good eye contact, is very bubbly, talks to grown ups and children and absolutely loves babies. He can read how someone is feeling by their face (happy, sad, etc) and doesn't mind a change in routine or a last minute decision to do something. He loves partys etc and is very loving. He knows his numbers and recognises them too. He knows colours and shapes. He is a good eater, sleeper. It is hard to know what is relevant when describing a child but this is him.

Just wondering if this sounds like anybody else's child. I just wish things would fall into place for him or at least get some sort of diagnosis for it.

If I were to say what things I worry about, it the hand waving, twirling

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 27-Sep-12 15:18:18

Absolutely no idea from your post whether there is something to investigate or whether your HT is bonkers tbh.

However, look up CHAT questionnaire and dyspraxia and ADHD symptoms. Make a list of all that apply to your Ds and put against each one you recognise, an example of that behaviour.

If you are subsequently concerned by what you find out, take the list to your GP and ask for a referral to a developmental paediatrician to rule out any concerns, or not.

Hope that helps.

Summerblaze Thu 27-Sep-12 20:34:45

He has been seeing a paediatrician since he was 18 months old due to him not speaking (at the time only a handful of words). A year later he was still only saying about 6 clear words and about 10 that I could understand and so went in to have his grommets put in after being diagnosed with glue ear. That was in 2010. He then had so many infections that they took them out early 2011 but he had picked up more vocabulary but still wasn't using 2 word sentences on a regular basis. He then had them put back in and adenoids removed in June this year. His talking has really progressed and can now use 4 word sentences on a regular basis and longer ones on occasion but he is still way behind his peers. As I said in my OP, his understanding, although improved a lot is still a bit lacking. He can for example understand me saying "put your shoes on", "pass me the .....", what are you doing", have you had a nice day, which one would you like" etc etc. He can't understand me saying "what is your favourite colour", where are we going tomorrow".

There is the twirling (only when dancing), hand waving (when excited), touching of soft teddys/hair (like others in our family). He very occasionally walks on his tip toes but not often, gets frustrated if he can't do something and gets very angry (verbally). He also has absolutely no sense of danger.

He doesn't play well with children, but not because he doesn't like them but because he wants to just do what he wants to do. At school he like to put on the skeleton costume and chase others around saying "whoooooo".

He is very caring though and if someone hurts themselves, he asks them whats the matter and at nursery once told a little boy that mummy coming soon, held his hands and walked him around the garden.

I know that DS is not the same as his peers but I just don't know whether this is because of his glue ear or that just covered up an underlying issue.

This is all just such a long process and I feel helpless.

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