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Major adaptations; wheelchair friendly garden and play area

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Anonanonuk Wed 26-Sep-12 12:27:22


We are currently embarking on the major adaptations process for our house for our disabled child (permanent wheelchair user who can't stand). The OT and surveyor have done their initial assessments. Hopefully we will have ramps, hoists, through the floor lift, changing the bathroom to a wet room, moving power sockets and light switches, ....
Do you have any tips for us for the process and whilst the work is being done? Anything we should watch out for or particularly ask for?

With regard to an outdoor wheelchair ramp from a patio onto grass what do they usually look like, can you ask them to use paving stones to match an existing patio? Do they have to have a handrail and bars or can the ramp be behind a landscaped wall so to to blend into the garden.

Do you know of any charities that help or give grants to make a garden wheelchair friendly as the rest of the garden is sloped and we also need help to create a disabled play area at the end of the garden.

Many thanks for your anticipated advice.

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