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physio question regarding hip dysphasia and slings, any physiotherapists able to comment?

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Clarella Wed 26-Sep-12 12:01:45

Really not an urgent question but I am curious. I teach children with moderate learning difficulties but have been signed off sick for the end of my pregnancy or would ask the physio/ ot at school.

while looking at the baby bjorn miracle and liking the idea of hip support for our backs etc, plus lots of great reviews on amazon, the only negative review comments on the way baby's hips dangle compared to other slings which make baby straddle and linked to hip dysplasia.

now, i dont know if it's commenting on children with specific issues or babies in general - more traditional slings certainly make a baby straddle their parent more. Im really keen to get a baby bjorn mainly for out and about and DH plus this particular one seems very good for backs etc. Its only good for baby from 8lb and I actually intend to look at a more wrappy traditional sling for in the house and when tiny (loved seeing babies in africa wrapped to their mums!) I have had children in my classes with hip issues and after working with physios always make a point of including lots of hip strengthening stuff im my pe lessons at primary level. One physio mentioned research that children have weak hip flexors a these days as they just dont climb enough!

I just wondered if any physios or OT's had any thoughts? Or am I over thinking? I assume that probably changing baby's postion and not being in one position all the time is probably the key. (note first time mum/ special needs teacher anxiety is probably at play here too!)

did just come across this website but never know what to believe on the internet!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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