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sue to the toothpaste brilliance (i havent been hit in the head since using your surgestions) i now need help finding bloody thermals that fit and willies dont fall out of

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IneedAsockamnesty Tue 25-Sep-12 17:23:27

all my dc have previously used m&s kids thermals as the cotton and lack of buttons ment they didnt irritate.

thermals are a must even on fairly mild days they sadly are no longer small enough to fit into kids sizes and m&s adult male sizes are a different fabric more like shiney thick tights and all have fly's or buttons.

thermals must be either cotton or simmerler or have a brushed fleece type of inside with no buttons or fly so they have to be pulled down to pee kinda like pj bottoms but not as baggy.

cost is kinda an issue as i need to get 8 pairs for each dc so a fair few all in one hit.

you were so helpfull with finding the perfect toothpaste i figured i would give you a try with this as well in the vague hope that my asd kids arnt the only ones who need thermals and have very perticular likes and dislikes

IneedAsockamnesty Tue 25-Sep-12 17:24:40


silverfrog Tue 25-Sep-12 17:38:34

can't link easily, as bf-ing, but google tog24 clothing - looks like their men's thermals might fit the bill. Blacks have some for £10.

I got dd2 some thermals in costco - will have to check make and get back to you once ds lets me get up for a minute... they feel cotton like, are slim fitting and are just like pj bottoms (I bought them as pjs)

Strongecoffeeismydrug Tue 25-Sep-12 17:39:13

There's quite a few shops on eBay selling new sets.
They sell they in quantitys of one or in bulk too.they also look a decent price

silverfrog Tue 25-Sep-12 17:40:35

muddy puddles also have teen base layers. look a bit baggy in the picture though

IneedAsockamnesty Tue 25-Sep-12 17:41:46

ohhhh thank you im just off to google the tog24 now

TirednessKills Tue 25-Sep-12 17:44:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TirednessKills Tue 25-Sep-12 17:45:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moosemama Tue 25-Sep-12 18:19:24

Have a look at Sports Direct - we got thermals for ds1 from there for a couple of quid, for the top and same for the leggings.

Not sure if they'll have the ones you need with the brushed cotton etc, but might be worth checking. Ds's aren't pure cotton, iirc, but they are super soft and no problems with seams.

Ineedalife Tue 25-Sep-12 19:07:19

Decathlon have just emailed me about base layers. Dont know what the bottoms are like but Dd2 has a top for winter netball and it feels quite nice, not nylony IYKWIM. reasonably price toosmile

zzzzz Tue 25-Sep-12 19:41:14

H&M do what they bill as ski-wear, for wearing under your ski suit. They are like PJ's but made of fleece and cheapish.

£6 for 14yr old???

IneedAsockamnesty Tue 25-Sep-12 21:50:20

£6 for a 14yo???? bloody hell thats a lot of money for a child that probally wont fit up a chimney grin

been googleing all surgestions like a mad woman and have a few companies to call, i get all embarrised at asking for discounts do you reckon 40 pairs is enough to do it with out getting all english and shy?

zzzzz Tue 25-Sep-12 22:38:42

40 pairs! That's £240 ahhhhhhh! If this is going to be an on going requirement, can I suggest a sewing machine and a roll of material? Trousers like you describe are incredibly easy to sew.

moosemama Wed 26-Sep-12 10:55:37

Go Outdoors have the tops and trousers at £4.99 each if that's any use?and[[ This company does them wholesale in packs of 6 and they're brushed inside.

moosemama Wed 26-Sep-12 10:56:31

I'll try that again shall I. blush

Go Outdoors have the tops and trousers at £4.99 each if that's any use?


This company does them wholesale in packs of 6 and they're brushed inside.

IneedAsockamnesty Wed 26-Sep-12 15:23:07

i tried to sew once im shockingly bad at it seriously really shocking.

ive just looked at the wholesale place they look fine will message to see what the flys are like

zzzzz Wed 26-Sep-12 16:11:20

Sometimes it is easier just to outsource. So if sewing is a no go forget it. 40 pairs would be a hideous amount of work if it stresses you!

IneedAsockamnesty Sat 29-Sep-12 17:57:07

im in rather a lot of shock,the wholesale company wouldnt let me order so i figured i would have a chat with the lady who runs a market stall selling underware in the nearest town to see if they would be prepared to order the right ones with perhaps a small discount.

im sat here nearly crying because i now have 40 pairs of the correct style compleate thermal sets (tops and bottoms) all in the sizes i need and a few different colours as well as thermal socks (60 pairs) and gloves and she didnt charge me a penny she basicly said her and her dh are members of a charitable organisation they had often seen me and the kids in town and been saddened to see how some people reacted to the kids yet had never had the oppertunity or known how to approach me to express a bit of kindness and that they were glad to help. all she asked me to do was sign a invoice thingy confirming they were donated to me,and agree to go back to them next year.

im gobsmacked ive never had anybody be so nice to me before

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Sat 29-Sep-12 18:48:54

Aw, socks. There are some lovely people about. smile

shazian Sat 29-Sep-12 19:15:20

Awww that is lovely Sock some lovely people about, how nice smile

IneedAsockamnesty Sat 29-Sep-12 19:17:53

i know im blown away by it smile

zzzzz Sat 29-Sep-12 19:18:24


Ineedalife Sat 29-Sep-12 19:25:36

What a lovely thing for her to do. Gives you a bit of faith in people doesnt itsmile

TirednessKills Sat 29-Sep-12 19:42:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

silverfrog Sat 29-Sep-12 20:37:27

oh, that is so fabulous.

what a lovely lady.

and brilliant that another of your dilemma's is sorted smile

here's wishing a warm and comfortable winter for your dc, sock

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