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First meeting with SENCO

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NotLostJustSomewhereSafe Tue 25-Sep-12 15:24:30

I have an appointment with the senco at my son's school tomorrow and I'd really appreciate any advice.

I've noticed signs that my son is possibly dyslexic, in fact I'd be amazed if he isn't, it's been a real eye opener listening to him describe what he sees when reading and writing. I've done some research and can see that a lot of his other behaviour fits with dyslexia. I've mentioned it to the school and I have a meeting with the senco tomorrow which I'm hoping will result in him being referred to the ed psych. However, senco has phoned today to let me know that she has spent some time with ds and he read 'beautifully' and with expression and is not like other dyslexic children she has worked with so she doesn't think that he has a problem. She will still carry on with assessing him but I am concerned that if she goes in with the idea that he is fine then that may cloud her judgement and he won't be referred on.

I certainly don't want to be getting anyone's back up this early in proceedings but I still need to be firm about getting the referral. Any tips would be very gratefully received.

cansu Tue 25-Sep-12 17:22:34

Getting an EP assessment won't come automatically even if the senco does think he is dyslexic. What they would do is ensure that his teacher adapts her teaching to help him. having dyslexia won't mean that he has extra 1:1. I think that if you believe he has dyslexia and that he isn't making progress then you may have to have him assessed privately. The key though for the school will be whether he is making progress, not whether he has or hasn't got dyslexia.

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