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Advice needed please

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madprest Tue 25-Sep-12 14:01:07

You might remember from months ago, could anyone give me advice what to do. I was going to Tribunal over refusal to assess my DD , I had an IPSEA volunteer assisting me. We went to mediation day before tribunal and LEA offered a provision agreement document. At the time I felt relunctant to back down and was advised by IPSEA that what was offered on the table was very good. I was afraid to go to Tribunal and lose everything as I have read on here that as happened with other parents and I honestly did not want to end up with nothing (hope you understand). The Provision Agreement was finalised at the end of June. The manager from SEN & Disability Integrated Assessment Team Manager from our area will attend all meetings that take place at school over IEP's and so on.

My question to you is this:-
An adult should be reading with her on a daily basis.
Homework to be broken down so she isn't overwhelmed.
Specific information relating to specialist teacher input and Teaching Assistant time will also be detailed in the IEP.

None of the above as happened. It's early days, yet they have already failed on the above. The document is 5 pages long and targets have been set for her to achieve reasonable grades at the end of YR 6. She as just gone into YR 6.Tried phoning IPSEA, couldn't get through so I'll try tonight when opened again. I was just wondering if anyone as any advice as you have helped me so much in the past.

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 25-Sep-12 15:26:35

madprest, the absolute best thing you could do now is start documenting these things.

Write to them asking for a break down of who read with her, when, and what each day. Perhaps request in writing a daily communication diary and for them to send home the book for you to support.

You also need to ask (in writing, - always in writing) who is the named person responsible for ensuring that her homework is broken down and for the template that has gone to all teachers to ensure they have been communicated with.

You also need to submit a proforma/log for specialist teacher visits and TA to record the time spent and any outcomes/advice from their visit. You send a note saying 'as has been agreed in the plan, TA and specialist are to submit x info etc.,. Given we are in the x no. week of term, I have taken the liberty to submit a suggested format. Please let me know in writing if there are any problems with this.

Madprest, - you don't need to apologise for not wanting to go to tribunal, or for wanting to give provision a try in good faith. Why the hell shouldn't you?

But the advice above with either get their arses in gear, or get you the evidence you need to have a very good chance of getting a statement next time.

madprest Tue 25-Sep-12 16:01:26

Thank you very much star for your good advice, I really appreciate it. You have always in the past helped and I wouldn't be at this stage now. The reason I agreed to this document was that they had to do everything they had promised and I feel that they have started going back to their old ways again that is the reason I am phoning IPSEA. The volunteer assured me that if they once not do what they had promised I was within my rights to take it back to Tribunal as I gave them a chance.

Thanks again Star xx

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 25-Sep-12 16:06:18

Yes Mad, but you need what I have suggested as your evidence.

It is likely they will either not reply at all to your written requests, or write back refusing to be accountable. Both of these scenarios will help you push forward with a statement, unless of course they agree to do what you ask, in which case - all good.

madprest Tue 25-Sep-12 18:01:41

Thanks, I will do as you have advised. I'll keep you posted. Apologies for taking time to respond, there is always a queue for the lappy at this mad house lol.

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