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private OT report for SEN assessment process

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lookingforsun Mon 24-Sep-12 17:39:49

My son (3 years old, CP right hemi) had private OT because we couldn't get NHS OT for a long time (waiting time was 54 weeks!). When NHS OT did manage to see him, she put him on review only and didn't provide any services. Meaning, she saw him once in 5-6 mnths for 1/2 hr to see his progress and gave me bit of suggestions. Now we are going through my son's SEN statement process and the report NHS OT will give might not put all the points forward as she seems unbothered till now. She says my son is so forward in his fine motor skills for a hemi. Private OT have helped us a lot and she has dischargedmy son from her services recently and asked me to come back when writing phase comes. My son does need help with eating (weak grip on fork), cant manage spoon very well (wrist palm supination issue), still doesnt have neat pincer, hypermobility etc but yes he is doing better as you would have thought for a hemi. He needs lots of practice and direction. My question is ... should I get report from the private OT? Will it be considered seriously in assessment process? I have heard from other local parents that LA here disregard private reports saying that it is biased and blablabla. If I get report that will cost me at least 250 quids(OT assessment + charges for report writing) and I dont want to spend that money if it is going to be disregarded. Any suggestions please?

bjkmummy Mon 24-Sep-12 18:04:01

the statement should identify each and every need althouh of course some LA wont go looking too deeply and that could mean that they do not ask for an OT report period. thats what happened to me. i then did get a private report post statement and the LA refusing to accept it so have commisioned their own NHS OT report which they have had to pay for and the report has come back in agreement with the private report! its a hard one - it depends how much you feel the fight for OT is - how would you feel if no OT at all goes into the statement? for £250 it could be worth getting it - the LA would try and say we dont accept it but a tribunal will accept the report if thats where you end up having to fight to get OT in his statement. My LA being awkward cos the sensory intregration therapy I want is not available on the NHS so the LA will have to buy the service in which of course is going to cost them lots of money and tahts what it will always come down to and that is money

lookingforsun Mon 24-Sep-12 20:21:54

@bjkmummy Thanks for the reply! I think I will go for the report. Would you know if I have requested for assessment on 6th sept 12 (my son is to start school in sep 2013) and they will decide before 22 Oct whether to go ahead with assessment or not, then when should I have the private OT report with me. Now or after sometime?


bjkmummy Mon 24-Sep-12 20:27:34

i think it is sometime after - if they decide to assess then they will after 22nd oct request reports from people ie OT SALT ED psych - you can of course ask then to do an NHS OT report but its likely to be quite basic and not as detailed as a private report. i need to get my code of practice out and have a look at the timelines. i would wait to see if they agree to go ahead with the assessment. if they refuse to assess then you will have the right to appeal to tribunal - you would be wise then to get a private OT report for tribunal. private reports are usually quite quick to get - my own OT report was booked, child seen and report in hand within 2 weeks. if you do end up on the tribunal path then it is usually the ed psych who have quite long wait so need to be booked asap.

alison222 Tue 25-Sep-12 09:38:32

My DS has different issues, but we listed all the issues in our parents views, and used the OT reports we had from NHS OT. If you already have the private report from however long ago use that for the moment, and cross reference things from it into your parental views.
We obtained a private OT report later when disputing the statement. I found out last week that the NHS OT was asked for his opinion on it. This was never told to me by the LEA. the OT gave me a copy for my records and it said in it that he broadly agreed with the report and actually quantified hours support in it.

You should be aware that this sort of thing may well happen if you get a private report.

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