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Statement confusion - help needed

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fightingprejudice Sun 23-Sep-12 22:51:15

Help-getting confused. Original statement was issued in October 2010.Moved to another county in Sept 2011. Sm was changed to name new county/school in April 2012 but no changes made other than that. School held a review meeting in December 2011 but this just looked at how ds was settling in rather than looking at the sm. Dx now has dx and following problems at school sm has been increased to full time hours (review meeting was held in July). Latest reports from psychologist,EP and behaviour support are still awaited but LA issued final sm without a proposed sm as they said that school wouldn't provide the fulltime provision without it. They said that when all reports were in they would amend the sm in the autumn term (next school needs to be named too). Now getting worried that they might not do this but do have correspondence from head of SEN services confirming that they will. Some wording of the sm needs amending e.g should receive not will receive etc.
Now the 2 months is almost up and the new proposed sm has not been issued. Should I wait for them to rewrite the sm this term or lodge appeal now? Struggling to know what to do for the best and have no legal advisor to help. Any advice gratefully received.

moosemama Sun 23-Sep-12 23:00:31

Am really tired at the moment, so can't offer any practical advice, but didn't want you to go unanswered.

In the absence of any legal support, do call IPSEA or SOS!SEN for advice.

IPSEA in particular have been fantastic with us and really helped when the LEA was ignoring us and refusing to issue a finalised statement so we could appeal. You need to start ringing a couple of minutes before their opening time and keep pressing redial if you get engaged. Some of their calls do take a long time because they're thorough, but if you stick with it you should get through eventually.

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