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WISC testing, who?, why?, how?

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121prob Sat 22-Sep-12 21:32:46

ds is 8 and has a dx of ASD. He is in MS school. I presume that WISC is carried out by the the EP?

I was told he was being assessed by EP two yrs ago, the report was just of him observing ds in class.

What would be the reasons that the EP would do WISC? Academically, I am concerned about the differences between his maths, reading and writing levels.


coppertop Sat 22-Sep-12 21:39:18

An Ed Psych used WISC with my ds.

It was very useful for showing ds' strengths and weaknesses. The massive 'spikes' in ds' profile showed why ds was able to do really well in some areas of school work yet was a way behind in other areas.

porridgelover Sat 22-Sep-12 22:35:23

AFAIK the WISC is a standard general test that Psychologists do. So, its the 'first line of attack' if there are concern.
It looks at the different components of intelligence (I am not a Psych and happy to be corrected).
E.g. a significant difference between receptive language vs expressive language. Or a better performance score than verbal score are all indicators for difficulties that might need further investigation.
IS that what you want to know?

121prob Sun 23-Sep-12 08:16:39

Thanks it is, but also should I be asking for this to be done with my son?

His levels at the end of Y3 were, Reading 4b, Maths 3a, and writing 2b. He made a big leap the first week of Y3 from a 1b to 2b, tbh I think it was a bit questionable as I was querying the big differences between levels and within a week of being in Y3 his level was upped. He hasn't progressed throughout Y3.

His verbal comprehension is excellent, and he can read and understand pretty much anything factual. He understands and can read very long words, but struggles with spelling/writing the most simple words.

porridgelover Sun 23-Sep-12 09:49:43

Morning OP.
My DS is also ASD.

School dithered for over a year about getting the EP to assess him so I went privately where he was assessed using the WICS.

The WISC showed he has far superior expressive to receptive language.
I have found this very useful for talking to the school as they are inclined to look at his reading ability (FAR above average) and think that he is fine.
He's not. He 'eats books' (school's words) BUT he has to be pulled back to work on whats he's read. He tends to echo what he has read in a factual way but has to work on layers of meaning, characters intentions, working on Theory of Mind through books etc.

My DS struggles with any spelling that doesn't 'follow the rule' and has to work really hard to get them even though he has no difficulty with recognition.

It also helps school to understand why this seemingly bright child struggles to follow verbal instructions and needs extra time to organise himself.
As coppertop says, it's the 'spikes' in the profiles that are useful, as schools seem to think that, as a default, a child who is good in one area (esp reading) should be ok across the board. They will believe that until told otherwise.

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