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NEW Tinsley house support thread -part 2!!

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Badvoc Fri 21-Sep-12 20:05:07

Hello everyone!
Thought I should start a new thread as we were nearing 1000 posts! smile
Indigo is no longer posting as you all know, but I think it would be such a shame for the support thread to go too.
I know I find reading about all the ups and downs we all experience very helpful and it's so great to hear all the progress smile
We go back to TH next month and can't wait. So interested to see of the tracking programme has worked. I think ds1s reading speed has improved and he is now reading proper chapter books!
He continues to show less anxiety, OCD behaviour and stress.
He is eating better and is generally a much happier chap.
Looking forward to hearing from you all over the next few weeks/months...X

shoppingbagsundereyes Sun 24-Feb-13 13:59:44

Windsor would be lovely

WorrierPrincess Sun 24-Feb-13 14:42:52

Windsor would be good for me too

DaftMaul Sun 24-Feb-13 15:09:05

Windsor is good for me but we have just booked to go away at Easter - yay! Summer better for us, although still a bit pot luck with the weather, even then grin

Still trying to get on top of the seizures - have had to increase ds' meds again and will probably change to a different one on his return from a school trip to Italy in a few weeks.

He still seems to be stuck on level 10 of word tracking too!

shoppingbagsundereyes Sun 24-Feb-13 17:28:04

Daft re word tracking - have you seen an improvement in his tracking when reading? We finished tracking way before we'd finished all the levels because ds was tracking so well in his reading. Prior to the programme he regularly lost his place in his book, now he almost never loses it. Robin was happy to move ds on after we discussed the improvements

DaftMaul Sun 24-Feb-13 18:35:23

Hi Shopping, it's difficult to tell really. He tends to read to himself now (he is 11yrs) and his reading was tested as 3 yrs above his chronological age about 18mths ago I.e. before starting TH. That is why I am surprised that he hasn't moved on faster with the word tracking. He moved quite quickly through the letter tracking. I wonder if he seizures have anything to do with it.

bdaonion Sun 24-Feb-13 20:13:13

Sorry introduced myself weeks ago and then disappeared. I have been trying to read through this thread regularly.

We have been working on the Engaging Eyes programme and DD is making great progress with the convergence exercise, which is reflected in her attention when reading and doing her homework. We are very happy with her progress and new found desire to read.

Still plodding on with stairs and one-legged tooth brushing too. DD is generally happier and less anxious than she used to be.

I would be interested in the Easter meet-up if it does happen. Windsor is good for me.

Lookslikerain Sun 24-Feb-13 20:28:38

I have finally managed to get back online. Today has been mayhem! Our appointment went really well with Robin yesterday. We had a really nice day actually. We left DD with family so it was lovely to have some time just with DS. And he loved the planes and trains! smile

In Robin's opinion, DS isn't autistic, which is what we've thought all along but does have a moderate developmental delay. So we've got our diet changes to make and exercises to start. DS is only 3 so trying to get him going on the stairs was a little difficult but we'll get there. And I need to buy a spinning chair!

I have heaps of questions, mainly on the diet, so I hope you don't mind me asking. I think I might be over-thinking things. What kind of things do you do for breakfast? We did fish fingers and beans this morning but I hadn't been shopping yet. Are things like beans on toast, or cheese on toast okay? Is that enough protein? DS isn't a massive egg/sausage/bacon fan. Are there any other options I'm not thinking of?

The diet seems quite meat, meat, meat. We don't usually eat meat every day, never mind 3 times a day. We used to have things like soup, cheese scones, savoury muffins etc for lunch but not always with meat. Or things like macaroni cheese for dinner. How do I make sure I'm getting enough protein in him?

Also, how strict are you with the diet? We usually have some home baking during the week but now I'm worrying about that kind of thing too. Argh! I'm over-thinking, aren't I?

Anyway, we are now on our TH journey. I'm quite excited! We're actually doing something rather than waiting around for nhs appointments!

Ruggles Sun 24-Feb-13 20:28:48

Evening All!

Badvoc - well done with the PCC. I've just been doing my village hall stuff and can't wait to give it! Great to hear about Tom. I know what you mean about it being a slog, but then thinking what's the alternative - that thought quite often flits through my mind too. smile smile

BeautifulPossum - it sounds like you are on the home straight and almost there! These good news stories really pull me forwards.

Hi Daft!

WorrierPrincess - So pleased to hear about your DS and how well he is doing. Good to hear that he is beating his targets and that you have a plan in place for September. I'm afraid we are nowhere near where you are with DS, but I hope that we will be once we've done a year with TH.

Yes, we're starting at our new school tom morning. I am so nervous, but have my fingers and toes crossed that its all more positive and supportive. DS is very excited and feels very grown up. We went to see Dr Goyal last week and that was very interesting - I am glad we went as DS has quite a lot of health stuff going on with allergies, asthma, possible strep and stomach infections, so it's great to get an overview on it all.

I would love to meet up. Can we be greedy and do one at Easter and another in the summer? grin grin. I know everyone probably won't be able to make both, but it could be great, Are we planning on DCs too? Windsor great, but happy to travel further if it suits everyone else.

Badvoc Sun 24-Feb-13 20:52:02

Hi all of luck for tomorrow!
Looklikerain...wrt diet, Tom has either omelette, beans on toast or cheese and tomato muffins. We also do pancakes on a Friday as a treat (naughty)
He doesn't eat sausages or bacon either.
Lunches are either packed lunch for school, tomato soup or pizza.
He tends to have potatoes (with skins on) veg and chicken, pasta with beef mince or meatballs, jacket potatoes and beans.
Snacks are flapjacks, rice cakes.
He only drinks water.
I am not as strict as I should be, as his stomach and bowels are sooo much better than they were.
Ruggles....spoke to soon! I may be on a slight mission
My younger sons ore school has been given notice to close by the school it rents its premises from sad
So upset.
It won't affect ds2 as he starts school in sept, but I feel so bad for the stuff and other parents. going to ask the vicar if we can use the church hall instead. They at are always saying they want to help the young children and families of the village.
Well. I am going to ask them!
Which means I may have to blackmail a vicar! if they support me I will stay on.
I am most probably going to hell smile

Ruggles Sun 24-Feb-13 21:41:57

Lookslikerain - so pleased that you got on well yesterday, I was thinking of you! Good news from Robin and that you have started on your journey. This is the place to ask questions - I asked tons and everyone was very patient...

Food - I found this such a challenge to start with, but it very quickly becomes the norm and now I can't remember what we used to eat.

- Seeds and nuts are an excellent source of protein. Sprinkle the on everything. Peanut butter?
- We have fish once a day. Fishfingers, fish pie, cod or salmon for tea, mashed mackeral or sardines on home-make pizza or toast (we hide it under some cheese), salmon / yoghurt or mackeral pate sandwiches.
- DCs love the chicken ideas in Robin's book - esp the chicken burgers (a faff to make, but batch cook and freeze).
- Hummus sandwiches or chicken liver pate - again Robin has good recipes. I am beginning to sound like a Robin groupie blush blush
- I bulk out chili or bolognaise sauce with lots of grated / finely chopped veggies and beans. I have to blitz some of the beans or they are picked out. - Try not to have pasta unless you have lots of protein with it.
- Have a fab recipe for Sweet Potato and Lentil Pie which is great on its own or as a side to something else and lasts a couple of days - one supper and a couple of lunches. PM me if you'd like it.
- I make smoothies and freeze them as lollies. Spinach and strawberries is our best one. Also bought some fun jelly pots and use these for natural yoghurt and fruit puddings.
- Haven't done as much home baking apart from the flap jacks and Seed biscuits, but have got my DC helping to cook everything we eat. This has really helped with them trying new things.

Ruggles Sun 24-Feb-13 21:44:48

Badvoc - what an inspired idea! It's brilliant and I am sure you will have the Vicar wrapped around your finger in no time. No better way to give you renewed motivated for your PCC involvement .

WorrierPrincess Sun 24-Feb-13 21:48:42

Hi Lookslikerain, so glad your appointment was worth the trip. Our ds would be so jealous about the plane, we've promised him a trip abroad at some point (currently unspecified) this year.

Re protein ideas, we're at the mercy of preschool during the day so we try to get plenty in at the start/end of the day.

As well as the usual cooked breakfast ideas we try adding protein extras to healthy cereals like porridge. There's a hemp seed from linwood which has tons of protein (and it sounds madly hippy but tastes really nice - both our kids like it). A few nuts on the side go down well - almonds are particularly good for protein I think.

There's also a mega protein yogurt called chobani which is pretty yum.

Sometimes feel like I'm trying to turn ds into mini body builder/jodie marsh grin

(if you saw him you'd know I was failing!)

WorrierPrincess Sun 24-Feb-13 21:49:48

Ruggles good luck for tomorrow and let us know how it goes

Ruggles Sun 24-Feb-13 21:52:18

Forgot to say, Hello Bdonion

Badvoc Mon 25-Feb-13 08:01:05

Hello again bdonion! smile
Well, am going to speak to a couple of people today about my pre school,idea!

shoppingbagsundereyes Mon 25-Feb-13 14:13:23

Hello bdaonion, lovely to hear about such great progress.
Lookslikerain- we do fish fingers ( chunky lots of fish ones, not those skinny ones) or scrambled egg for breakfast most days but cheese on toast or beans on toast is good. Ds is allowed cereal on Saturdays but he then has egg on toast for lunch. He likes pâté so we have lots of that too. We still have a vegetarian pasta type meal once a week. Tonight is macaroni cheese ( he won't eat veg but dd has broccoli on the side), often it's a hidden veg tomato sauce with meat balls. I changed to brown pasta so I don't feel guilty about giving them that once a week. We only use brown flour for bread and cakes too.
I think home made cakes and biscuits are fine. We still have them regularly. I have ditched the ten tonnes of butter cream icing we all loved and moved to flapjacks, oat cookies, banana loaf and plain vanilla biscuits. We still have cake on birthdays and at parties.
A big change for us was ditching black currant squash. Both dcs only have water or milk now. They are allowed one glass of fruit juice per day ( we put the omega 3 in the juice so we can't get rid of that).

Lookslikerain Mon 25-Feb-13 15:55:59

Thanks everyone for your replies and help. I will get there! I must have looked hilarious going round tesco yesterday. I had my little book of additives and bad things, and I was constantly stopping, checking ingredients, checking my book, then generally putting whatever it was back on the shelf. I came to the conclusion yesterday that if you took the additive filled stuff out of the supermarket, there wouldn't be much left. And I spent a fortune. Why is it so much more expensive not buy stuff that isn't processed? Doesn't make sense. Natural apricots without the sulphites we're double the price!

Right, I have more questions. This time about the supplements. I've ordered my omegas but am getting a bit confused about the multivits and zinc/magnesium. Robin recommended but I'm not sure which product I'm looking for. Do you all use the ones he recommends? Is it the floradix kindervital multivitamin for children liquid & floradix saludynam liquid calcium mag zinc formula?

Thanks for your help. thanks for all!

Badvoc Mon 25-Feb-13 16:10:13

Yes, that's what robin recommends and we did use it for a while.
However, Tom prefers tablets so I now get zinc and mag tabs from holland and Barrett for about £6.
(Thanks coff for that!)
Do be careful with dried fruit - fruit in general actually - as it's full of naturally occuring sugar (fructose)
Tom only drinks water so dont have to worry about juice etc.
A good tip is to dilute fruit juice. They often don't even notice!

Ruggles Mon 25-Feb-13 19:01:24

Yes, that's what we're doing Kindervital and Saludynam at the mo. We get it on Amazon subscribe and save, but not sure if its any cheaper.

All went well this morning - phewie. DS was happy as larry when he came out and the teacher was still smiling! DS said he had two sleeps as he was feeling tired and can't wait to go back tom. I have been feeling like a dishwasher all day grin and can't wait to flop into bed tonight.

WorrierPrincess Tue 26-Feb-13 00:10:19

Great news Ruggles! Sounds like he's settling in brilliantly

Badvoc Tue 26-Feb-13 08:03:16


Badvoc Tue 26-Feb-13 16:22:40

Sad day today.
Heard that my great aunt died this morning.
She was 94 and it was peaceful, but Tom is very upset as we saw her just before Xmas.
And my dads sister has been rushed to hospital.
Tom is full of cold, poor thing.
And dh is away too sad

PrinceRogersNelson Tue 26-Feb-13 20:21:17

I'm very sorry to hear that Badvoc. It is always sad when a generation in a family pass away.


Badvoc Tue 26-Feb-13 20:32:45

Thank you prince.
I feel bad for my fil.
It's his aunt, and the last link to his father who was killed in WW2, and who he never knew sad
It was lovely at Xmas, she was telling stories about his mum and dad smile
As with most large families, there are lots if interesting stories and odd characters!
One uncle left his estate to a nephew because he was so disappointed he had "only" had a daughter!
Not sure what is wrong with my aunt...they think its her liver.
It's strange...I don't think of her as old but she is 77. She was a big part of my childhood and teen years and she and my dad are very close. I suppose I still see her through a child's eyes....
Will be glad when today is over.

Ruggles Tue 26-Feb-13 20:43:40

Big hugs Badvoc. You are having a run of things, and doubly tough when DH is away. Your family sound wonderful, a bit like a family from a Mary Wesley (?) novel. I love hearing the old stories too.

Fingers crossed that your aunt is in the best place and on the mend soon. How is your Mum?

PS - just love that Tom is interested and cares - how wonderful too. xx

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