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NEW Tinsley house support thread -part 2!!

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Badvoc Fri 21-Sep-12 20:05:07

Hello everyone!
Thought I should start a new thread as we were nearing 1000 posts! smile
Indigo is no longer posting as you all know, but I think it would be such a shame for the support thread to go too.
I know I find reading about all the ups and downs we all experience very helpful and it's so great to hear all the progress smile
We go back to TH next month and can't wait. So interested to see of the tracking programme has worked. I think ds1s reading speed has improved and he is now reading proper chapter books!
He continues to show less anxiety, OCD behaviour and stress.
He is eating better and is generally a much happier chap.
Looking forward to hearing from you all over the next few weeks/months...X

coff33pot Wed 26-Sep-12 09:28:35

Happy birthday to your ds for yesterday!

I lurk a lot on this thread as although not doing TH its good to read how we'll your DCs are doing and I have picked up some good tips along the way I do use the supplements though. Glad there is a part 2 smile

Badvoc Wed 26-Sep-12 09:40:33

Hi coff!
So happy to hear from you.
You and your dd have been on my mind lots x
Everyone is welcome here, no exceptions smile
Wrt progress dh and I were talking about this last night...ds1 is like a different child, or more accurately a happier and more confident version of the old him!
Dh had to leave for a trip to the US this morning sad
Prior to TH it would be very distressing for all of us as he would get very upset, cry, beg dh not to go etc sad
This morning he hugged and kissed dh and waved him off!!
If you haven't read robins book "is that my child" I really recommend it! It's about £4 on amazon...can't give you my copy as its on my kindle sad
If anyone is interested and their dc can take tablets ds1 is on a different magnesium and zinc supplement now...cheaper than floradix liquids and easier to use as its 1 tablet per day.

coff33pot Wed 26-Sep-12 11:40:20

Ds has no issue with tablets and swallows the eye q ones with no problem they are capsule form though so smooth going down, but I cannot find a zinc and mag tablet small enough all of them seem to be horse pill size!

He would rather swallow than chew anything.

For the moment I am forking out for the bath stuff.

Badvoc Wed 26-Sep-12 14:09:05

Yes the ones I have are a but big but ds1 manages.
They are called Biocare.
£8 for 30 tabs.
I was paying double that for the floradix.
I get them from amazon.
Bath stuff?
Ds1 has Sanex or lush bath bombs!! smile

coff33pot Wed 26-Sep-12 14:28:48

Found some in holland and Barrett that are smaller than paracetamol size today. When I get home from dd appt I will tell you the name.

coff33pot Wed 26-Sep-12 16:48:08

Yep they are by holland and Barrett, gluten free no added sweetener or sugar or colouring. 2 tablets give 71% magnesium daily rec and 100% zinc daily rec.

They are whole lot smaller than osteocare and are currently half price at £3.22 for 100

Badvoc Wed 26-Sep-12 16:49:17

Oh fantastic thank you!
Will get some net time I am in town.
Hope your dd is doing better x

Badvoc Thu 27-Sep-12 12:59:49

Saw ds1 in the playground when I picked ds2 up from pre school.
He had a big gold sticker on his shirt.
I asked what it was for.
"Just some writing I did"
It's a head teacher award!
He is doing so well, not just academically, but socially, emotionally and mentally.
He is less anxious, sleeps better, eats better....the list is endless really.
All those years I thought he behaved hiw he sid and avoided things because "that's just the way he is"
It wasnt.
This is the real him.
He is finally emerging from his dyspraxic/dyslexic/asd/OCD prison.

DaftMaul Thu 27-Sep-12 13:36:28

That is so lovely Badvoc.

Shopping, it is great to hear that your ds is getting on well with the vt now. It is really tough to stick at it. Tell him well done from us all!

Mock 11+ next week. I'm petrified but ds currently nonchalant - hope it remains that way!

JumpingJellyfish Thu 27-Sep-12 14:51:49

I have been reading up on Tinsley House and wish that we lived closer and also wish we could afford it sad My DS, aged 7, has quite severe "specific learning difficulties" a.k.a. dyslexia, as diagnosed by an education board EP. School are being great, he has an external specialist teacher in for 2 half hour sessions as week, and an internal SEN teacher give him 2 half hour sessions a week, plus some classroom assistant support. We have already been using EPA and I just started him on the zinc/magnesium etc. supplements. We avoid processed food anyhow and his diet is quite good (nutritionally speaking). I'm really interested in the exercises though and not sure how to access these - we're in Northern Ireland. I dug around on the internet and found some therapists that work on retained reflexes, and one that does the INPP stuff. Very expensive but wondering if this would be worth it. DS has been assessed by an optometrist - apparently good tracking/convergence. His problem seems mostly to do with working memory, which is very weak. He was born ten weeks premature and I think many of his issues may be related to this. Any ideas on how we can better support him? Sorry to "hijack" the thread!

shoppingbagsundereyes Thu 27-Sep-12 16:39:32

Have you bought Robin's book? It details the first exercises and I found a significant difference in ds just from doing these. You start with stair walking - so he has to walk up 3 stairs with his eyes shut and hands by his sides and then back down again (backwards). They find it really hard at first and you may want to stay close for wobbles. Do it 3 times. When he gets better at it, do 5 repetitions etc. this simple exercise forces both halves of the cerebellum to work together.

Badvoc Thu 27-Sep-12 16:41:16

Hello jumping.
There is a tinsley house clinic in Dublin...check the website and click in the find an international clinic link.
You can get the diet, the first set if exercises and supplementation details from the book "the brain food plan" by robin pauc available on amazon for about £4.
If anything is unclear, please feel free to pm me.
I know what you mean about cost but We have spent (inc ait and rrt) about £3k. I would happily spend triple that tbh to get the results we have.
I really rate rrt (ESP inpp).
Re: his diet, you might be unpleasantly surprised there....some things that we think of as very healthy are in fact really bad for our kids.
Good luck

Badvoc Thu 27-Sep-12 22:39:42

Oh, and ds1s optometrist told me that his tracking was wasn't.
It was all over the shop.
He needs to be seen by a behavioural optometrist.

Badvoc Sat 29-Sep-12 08:02:45

Hi everyone
Me again, with more boasting smile
Dh away and ds2 is ill so I feel the need to share each bit of good news!
Ds1 came home from school with another certificate yesterday!'s was his "pen license" (?) it means he can use a pen now for his writing and not a pencil?
Whatever it means, it's good smile
He is only the 3rd child in the class to get one!
He is being very good wrt dh being away too.
Now, if only I could figure out what ds2s spots are.....

shoppingbagsundereyes Sat 29-Sep-12 08:29:56

Amazing! Bravo ds1!

Badvoc Sat 29-Sep-12 08:31:35

......if you could have seen his writing a year ago!

JumpingJellyfish Sat 29-Sep-12 22:40:52

Badvoc and shoppingbags thank you for the info - I have ordered Robin's book and I'm looking forward to reading it. I will no doubt be back with more questions! I think we'll probably see how things go with the extra school support and things we're doing at home (based on the external specialist's advice) for a couple of months, but from reading here it is well worth the money in seeking the additional therapies. DH was made redundant recently so very cash-strapped at the moment though. The optometrist we took DS to was a specialist one working at the uni where I work - they have a research division specifically looking at optometry in children with learning difficulties - and in fact they also picked up on the working memory issue before he was seen by the EP. However I am hoping to get him back to evaluate visual stress a bit further...
Once again thanks for your help.

Badvoc Sun 30-Sep-12 07:56:37

Good luck jumping.
Please do post if you have any questions.
It is expensive.
But I compared it to specialist dyslexia tuition which ds1 would have had to have 3 x per week for years and it suddenly looked pretty cheap! smile
Dh and I just reasoned that we wouldn't be going abroad on hols for a while. Luckily both boys like he seaside smile

Beautifulpossum Mon 01-Oct-12 13:14:38

We started at TH in July and had first follow up on saturday.

DS ( age 6 year 2) has dyslexia,dyspraxia and ADD. Has been doing stairs and teeth since July and just started VT. He retested well and Robin was happy. His vision tested better and he passed 2 of the 4 tests- failed all 4 last time. Continuing with stairs/teeth and VT.

DD (age 8 yr 4) has ADD has also made good progress and has been given Where's Wally in addition to stairs and teeth.

We are only 2 months in but already DS is making gains and is better able to cope. Can't wait to get to the exercises that will help school stuff as poor guy is so frustrated. Also really hope that Hemi Stim will help DD ADD as she is finding year 4 a big step up.

Seeing Robin was great. I really think he knows what he is doing and I have every confidence in him. This stuff is really powerful but such hard work. DH now agreed to do VT with DS first thing in the morning which will really help.
For the first time today he didn't bash the keyboard and steps but moving in the right direction.

Beautifulpossum Mon 01-Oct-12 13:18:43

Hi Badvoc, would love to have a chat with you on the phone at some point to talk some of this stuff through. You and Indigo are such an inspiration. If that's ok could you send me a contact number and suggest a good time?

Badvoc Mon 01-Oct-12 13:25:55

Will pm you x

shoppingbagsundereyes Mon 01-Oct-12 18:10:22

Ds (a complete fruit and veg refusenik) has eaten and enjoyed broccoli at school today!! Another tiny piece of evidence that he is becoming more open minded and less aspie.

Badvoc Mon 01-Oct-12 18:40:14

Shopping...ds1 tried lasagne at my sisters today! smile
He also came home with another certificate!
This time his gold times tables award smile

shoppingbagsundereyes Mon 01-Oct-12 19:16:05

I dream of mince based foods becoming acceptable. Would be amazing if my dcs would eat cottage pie, lasagne etc. baby steps though

Beautifulpossum Mon 01-Oct-12 21:55:53

DS coped really well at school today and was SMILING when I picked him up. Absolutely no meltdowns or controlling behaviour. Also went to bed without being scared and was singing away happily in bed.

DH did VT with him this morning with only a bit of mucking about. Previously he had been bashing the keyboard, crying and screaming. Feeling optimistic that we CAN get through the VT and his vision will be fixed....Know we have probably got another year to go but Robin seems to think that the VT is the toughest bit from a behaviour point of view.

Badvoc and Shopping- it sounds like your guys are really doing well.

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