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Merry Christmas to all!!

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jinglesaur Wed 24-Dec-03 10:01:42

Thank you all very much for your marvellous help and support - I was so down and lonely in March when first got DS1's diagnosis - you lot have been a godsend - thank you thank you thank you!

Hope all of you and your families have a lovely Christmas,

bless you all,


coppertop Wed 24-Dec-03 10:09:35

And a merry Christmas to you too, Jinglesaur. You've given me lots of help and advice too. Thankyou!

whymummy Wed 24-Dec-03 10:10:54

merry christmas jinglesaur

SnowmAngeliz Wed 24-Dec-03 11:32:46

Merry Christmas to you and your family jinglesaur++++++++++++

Jimjambells Wed 24-Dec-03 12:12:14

Have a good one jingle.......

DS1 keeps asking to go to school or nursery.....

Davrosthesnowman Wed 24-Dec-03 12:48:57

Merry Xmas Jingle and all the other "special" MNers. I've found this site wonderful as somewhere to talk about how things FEEL, not just giving practical info all the time. Hope we all manage to get through the break without too much "parallel universe syndrome" (PUS its now called!).

Tillysmummy Wed 24-Dec-03 14:15:09

Just wanted to say Happy Christmas to you all. Haven't been around for ages but I hope everyone is well.

mistletoes Wed 24-Dec-03 15:09:22

Happy Christmas, Dinosaur!

Jimjambells Wed 24-Dec-03 18:55:01

PLUS- brilliant Davros. Been in that one all day "Is ds1 looking forward to xmas" ad infinitum. reply: mmm yeah with fake smile.

Jimjambells Wed 24-Dec-03 19:04:19

PUS not plus. Still excellent description!

santafio2 Wed 24-Dec-03 19:06:33

would like to second dino thank you everyone and merry crimbo

dancingdoormat Wed 24-Dec-03 20:09:32

Merry xmas everyone and hope you all have a happy wonderful new year
love doormat
take care

jmb1964 Fri 26-Dec-03 15:48:05

I'd like to third that too, a bit late like everything else has been this year..
Thanks to all for moral support in times of need - don't know how I would have got through this year without it.
Hope you've all survived
I like the PUS idea... so THAT was where we were yesterday afternoon as I though ds1 was about to throw himself off the roof in despair..
Anyway, all happy again now, even the in-laws

Jimjambells Fri 26-Dec-03 15:59:33

well done jmb.

We're still opening presents (all at once far too much for ds1 - especially when they include toy washing machines, very stimmy few days).

On a BIG plus note. DS1 has FINALLY got the the concept of presents. For the first time ever he opened them all himself without any help (and a few of his brothers as well when we were't looking). This time last year we were opening them whilst frantically trying to get his attention. I felt almost normal at present opening time

coppertop Fri 26-Dec-03 17:24:39

Jimjams - LOL at your ds1 opening his brother's presents. Yes, this was also the first year that our ds1 has opened his own presents. Last year he just stared vacantly at the wall so the change in him was a Christmas present in itself. He still thinks Christmas is a place though and keeps asking to go to pre-school but it has been better than we expected.

Eulalia Sat 27-Dec-03 08:44:45

First time I've got near the computer in days... hope everyone had a great Christmas. And want to also add my thanks for all the support and encouragement from fellow MN's on this site.

It took us 2 days to open presents too and in fact ds still has his big wooden train set to open today. It went really well and both children opened each present and then played with them before moving onto the next. ds seemed to understand about Santa too and even looked out of the window for him. He does keep going on about reindeer poo ... a joke that dh made which of course ds doesn't get

Jimjambells Sat 27-Dec-03 08:54:38

lol coppertop. DS1 keeps asking for nursery and school as well.....

eidsvold Sat 27-Dec-03 17:19:14

well done to your ds1 jimjams.....

Carla Sat 27-Dec-03 17:31:37

Haven't been here for ages but just looked at Pie's thread - what a fantastic idea, and so sorry I missed it. Must feed my addiction more regularly. Wish all you mumsnetters a wonderful time and god help me (at the very least) if you weren't there. Anyone else got a ready steady cook thing that's driving you mad two days after Christmas?...


jinglesaur Sat 27-Dec-03 17:36:04

Pleased to say that my DS1 opened his own presents this year too!

We also spread out the present-opening over two days, but in fact both DSs have been very good and have played a lot together with the new Plan toy garage. DS1 also ate some Christmas dinner with us - a very small amount, but to me the great thing was that he was actually eating the same food as us (well, I had to tell a fib and say that the turkey was chicken, and he nearly had a canniption when I put a sprout on his plate).

We've been to DS1's favourite place today - the London Transport Museum. Apart from a few rather worrying incidents of wandering off, completely oblivious to us hollering at him, it all went well.

Best wishes to all,


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