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Legoland saturday, any tips?

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used2bthin Thu 20-Sep-12 20:02:15

I will take something (hospital letter?dla form?)so that we can get an exit pass. Can't open the disabled guests bit for some reason so any tips welcome!

Inaflap Thu 20-Sep-12 20:09:49

You need to go to custmer services on the right hand side as you go through the entrance. Take statement and dla and dr report. They do look at them all. Have fun. Mini land where the models are is lovely.

used2bthin Thu 20-Sep-12 20:13:20

Thank you! Have left statement at my aunt's house, hope we'll be ok without? Got many doctor's reports with list of diagnoses though so will pick one. Looking forward to it!

willowthecat Thu 20-Sep-12 20:31:39

When I went earlier this year, they said a doctor's letter was all that they would accept as evidence. We had one so got a stamp but the queues were very short anyway so we did not use it much

beautifulgirls Thu 20-Sep-12 20:56:11

You need written evidence of a diagnosis and they are fab about sorting things out. We got a bit confused about where to queue though - go through the entrance, no need to join the silly long queue on the outside, then look for the customer services desks on the right hand side to get the exit pass sorted. Worth taking buggys if there are any mobility issues. They do have some legoland buggies to hire but cheaper to take your own. Lots of buggy parks as you go around so easy to leave them aside while you ride. Quite hilly there so wear comfy shoes for walking in.

used2bthin Thu 20-Sep-12 22:36:27

Thanks, I have many many letters with dd's genetic condition on but I am not sure they would say that means she can't que but do have one that says GDD and mentions her seizures and another saying challenging behaviour and in the letter it says about routines etc(expecting ASD diagnosis at some point but nothing in writing)think I will take everything and let them decide.

Good to know we don't need to join the big que esp as we have tickets already through mmw. No mobility issues as such but now get low rate mobility due to dd lying on the floor and running off! so may ask to hire a buggy if they are appealing looking then she may accept that

wibbleweed Fri 21-Sep-12 09:32:55

Hi - we had a fab day there last weekend. I corresponded with them by email before going and they said we needed a letter from the Dr or a 'medical professional' that stated the nature of the disability and the issues it may cause. We took along a letter (and very brief report) from the Community Paed that clearly stated diagnosis along with behavioural/sensory issues, which was done as part of the statutory assessment process and this was fine.

Make sure you get your exit pass stamps on your arm, not your hand. Some of ours washed off hands on the first wet ride! But if that happens, don't worry - you can get your stamps topped up at the 'guest services' area in Lego City (near the lake bit - it's shown on the map).

Have a great day smile


used2bthin Sat 22-Sep-12 20:27:48

Hi thank you,sorry ran out of time yesterday and didn't check in here. But had a great day, it was absolutely packed and we would not have managed one ride without the exit pass so really glad we had that (75 min waits on the rides!). Also would have lost dd1 in minutes had it not been for he car thing she happily sat in.

Also fed dd2 in lovely feeding cubicle. Will definately go back there hopefully it was just extra busy today due to being a nice day so late in the year.

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