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receptive language or reading - something free that might help?

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JoMaman Sat 18-Aug-12 19:41:52


In case this is of any use to somebody, I thought I'd mention it here.

If you have dc with receptive language difficulties and are working on everyday vocab, you may want to download a free app on to your phone and access some virtual flashcards I have made for ds on the website

NB I'm nothing to do with the website and do not receive anything for this smile

The flashcards can be printed from the website too (have never tried it though) or accessed from a free app called Quizlet, which can be downloaded onto iphones etc.

It could also be used for reading practice if your dc are at a more advanced stage, or matching/sorting activities and the like.

There are 750 cards I think, with lots of duplications (i.e. several armchairs to check he doesn't just think that particular one is an armchair). They are split by category and once you copy them to your profile you can customise as much as you want (delete, merge, add).

Had I found this website sooner, I would not have wasted so many hours googling images and printing and laminating them for ds's VB programme, only to lose a few down the back of the couch and forget where I saved it and have to start again smile

To access them:
1. go to, search for sets under the name 'jomaman'.
2. Choose a set to 'copy' and then it will prompt you to create a free account. 3. Once that's set up you can customise it, print them etc.
4. If you want to use from iphone you then download the app 'quizlet' for free, and it will ask for your login and automatically sync the flashcards.

You just have to change the settings to show the card from 'back to front' so that you see the picture, and tapping it reveals the word (unless you are doing it for reading of course).

Hope that works, I did a test with dh's phone and it seemed ok, but PM me if you have technical issues!

CousinBotony Sun 19-Aug-12 07:37:08

These are great! Thanks so much for sharing.

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