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is carers allowance affected with 12 week hospital stay?

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shazian Fri 17-Aug-12 19:29:56

Hi, can any of you lovely ladies advise me if carers allowance is affected with 12 week hospital stay. Have asked before regarding DLA and was advised here that this is ok up to 12 weeks, however i am unsure about carers allowance (dont know if have to advise anyone ds going into ferndene hospital northumbria for further assessment/diagnosis and the stay most likely be 12 weeks. He will come home every 3rd week. TIA

WetAugust Fri 17-Aug-12 19:57:04

You must inform the DWP about a change of circumstances when someone goes into hospital even though it won't affect their DLA if it's a stay of up to 4 weeks for an adult or 12 weeks for a child.

You'll be able to get Carers for up to 12 weeks while they are in hospital.

If he comes home every 3rd week that complicates matters as I think time spent at home starts the clock again. I know when DS ws in residential care I had to fill in forms for the DWP showing how many days he was at home and how many in care home. Any part of a day at home counts as a whole day.

The DWP will let you know what to do when you report the change of circumstances.

shazian Fri 17-Aug-12 20:48:18

Aww thanks WetAugust for the reply, so basically i need to inform them ds be going into hospital though it hasnt been confirmed will be 12 weeks (but is most likely), will know after the first 6 weeks how long he be in. Does that mean that i inform them ds going in and so long as it is only 12 weeks DLA and carers wont be affected but i have kept myself right by informing DWP, and have to fill in some paperwork. Ok think i get it lol, many thanks clears that worry up now just have to worry about everything else haha. smile

WetAugust Fri 17-Aug-12 21:26:13

No, you tell the DWP that he's going into hospital but will be returning home every third week.
They'll probably send you the form I mentioned above to be completed on a monthly basis.
There is a box on teh form asking of the person will be returning to hospital / has been discharged.

Let the DWP advise you what to do - they were very helpful when i was in the same position.

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 17-Aug-12 21:32:12

Yes DLA and Carers won't be affected for first 12 weeks. Let DWP know initially and every time he comes home. I think that what happens is that the days he is at home are added on to the 12 weeks so that the DLA and Carers will continue for longer if he is there for longer than 12 weeks. Not sure about that though as DS was in hospital continually for longer than 12 weeks before any home visits. Check with DWP when you inform them of admission date. Incidentially Child Benefit and Tax Credits aren't affected as long as you are visiting or he is coming home for visits or you are buying things for him.
Have you got an admission date yet? How are you feeling about it? I was wondering how it was going for you the other day.

shazian Sat 18-Aug-12 15:13:07

Thanks WetAugust been really helpful smile
NoHaudinMaWheest that is really nice of you wondering about ds, not been on here a lot recently as ds has been attending Yorkhill Glasgow mon to fri daily from 20 feb until now. DS already had severe autism, gdd, low muscle tone, pica and adhd. he has now been dx with catatonia in autism, SPD and possible tourettes movement tics. Along with that he had operation couple weeks back turns out the wee soul was in pain had undescended testes (both sides) which are meant to be sorted age 2/3 he is 11 sad. Now due to his severe anxiety, and sensory issues he is getting admitted for further assessment / diagnosis at ferndene hospital prudhoe northumbria for 12 weeks. He goes on monday so fair to say im ill. Im staying positive (well trying to) i know its for the best, 9 months now since he's been to school and the sensory issues are getting worse. still trying to rub his head, constant nips himself covered in bruises black & blue and bites himself. Always banging and stamping and running up and down constant never sits even for 2 mins. Not sleeping great usually 2.30am before going to sleep 2 nights ago was 4.30 and he back up at 7am. So much as i will miss him think it is important for him and us to try and get him assessed on proper meds etc and he has to be monitored 24/7 for this to happen. I feel i have been give brilliant opportunity because until now noone has ever tried to help or find out why things happen everything is just said to be part of ds disability even when its something new. So, yeah a bit apprehensive but know will be for best. DH and i will stay mon & tue nite to see he settled then we have to come home to our other 2 ds as our schools are already back (scotland) so they will be with gran mon & tue. We will then visit every weekend, and ds can come hope every 3rd week. Will miss him loads but will be like respite too, wont know what to do with myself lol. Hopefully will be able to decorate and stuff that impossible to do when ds is here. Will keep you updated on how things go, thanks for asking xx

shazian Sat 18-Aug-12 15:15:43

Oh NoHaudin thanks, had totally forgot about tax credits & child benefits

NoHaudinMaWheest Sat 18-Aug-12 20:52:51

Hope it goes well next week. I know you will have mixed feelings about it but it sounds like you really do need some respite and that DS needs help with his complex situation. I will be thinking about you. Trust that your other DSs will be fine about it all too.

shazian Sat 18-Aug-12 21:36:22

Many Thanks NoHaudin i am anxious, though as ds has been extremely hyper and wired to the moon today, all day, lol..... the respite will be great smile

Nicola39 Wed 17-Aug-16 11:19:18

Hi , was just wondering if anyone's child has been to ferndene prudoe and finished their assessment ? Wanting to know if they got the help needed & what the outcome ? My son is 15 has severe autism , sensory issues , pathological demand avoidance ( just recently diagnosed ) anxiety , school been struggling to control him as he's become violent . He's always had very bad meltdowns but over a couple of years he's become violent and destructive at home and school . He's been referred for assessment at prudoe ( riding)
Anyone got any helpful answers

coffeemaker5 Wed 17-Aug-16 15:56:55

Nicola, much better to start your own thread.

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