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Safe travel bed for child with autism.

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CelstialNavigation Wed 25-Jul-12 16:39:23

Going on holiday with DS next month. He sleeps in a Safe Space at home and we had ordered a Safe Space Voyager. The company have let us down badly and called today saying there is a problem with their suppliers and they won't have it in stock until October.

Does anyone know of any alternative? We had struggled hugely for some time in order to afford it, so I guess on the plus side we do have some funds available now. (We have never had respite as he cannot access it without a safe bed).

DS has severe autism, amongst other disablities, and self-harms so the soft and enclosed nature of the Safe Space is what we are looking for.

If anyone has any alternatives or ideas I would be very grateful.

thisisyesterday Wed 25-Jul-12 21:11:41

i wonder if this company would be able to ship over here? maybe not in time sad

or this but it isn't fully enclosed so maybe not suitable?

thisisyesterday Wed 25-Jul-12 21:12:42


AgnesDiPesto Wed 25-Jul-12 22:12:58

Did a google and came up with a project in Derby

"If you live in Derby City Aiming High have purchased
a Safespace Voyager that you may like to hire.
The Safespace Voyager is a free-standing sleeping area for those who would be unsafe in an ordinary bed or travel cot. It is designed for short term use only eg holidays. It has been specifically designed for use by children with autism, epilepsy or challenging behaviour. The voyagers tough PVC netting tent is supported by a robust yet lightweight aluminium frame and has several fun viewing panels to enable carers to see in – and is supplied with an inflatable mattress which fits snugly in the bottom.
If you would like to hire the Safespace Voyager, for a small charge, please contact our Umbrella office on 01332 785658"

and a place in Somerset here

Perhaps you could get a courier? Would still work out cheaper than buying one

Is there any point ringing the OT at the council and asking if the council own one e.g. at a respite home?

CelstialNavigation Thu 26-Jul-12 20:37:33

Thanks very much for the replies.

We bought the readysteadybloom last year Thisisyesterday! but DS won't go near it, let alone into it. (If anyone has a child who would enjoy sleeping in a safe large tent though, they are certainly very light and transportable).

The bearhugzz would have been great a couple of years ago but now he can climb extremely well - unfortunately at the moment.

I hadn't thought of a courier for renting one at all - definately going to try that tomorrow. I did try asking the SafeSpace company if such schemes existed but strangely enough they assured me waiting to buy one was my only real option hmm.

The safe space products are excellent - the one DS sleeps in at home has changed our lives- but the service seems abysmal - they twice arranged dates to install ours and never turned up, lost the measurements, measured the room wrong, and then installed the wrong size floor....and now they do this with the travel bed.

Thanks for the options to follow up on and sorry for delay responding there - school holidays have begun here...

jillmorony Wed 30-Mar-16 15:14:42

Hi we are now manufacturing our own products and are not dependent on other suppliers who have at times let us down. Please see our web site for current customer reviews or contact us for delivery times.

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