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wow a good article about the MMR and autism in the ST

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Jimjams Sun 14-Dec-03 12:20:55

Sunday Times magazine today,,2099-931673,00.html

Not sure I like the description of the autistic children as "mentally disturbed" (!) but I think the article makes a very good point. The whole MMR business is not going to go away until proper research is carried out, where the people carrying out the research actually go near an autistic child. It pointed out in brief some of the problems with Bent Taylors paper- which is always being trumpted by the Dept of Health as "proof". It also mentioned that Gulf War servicemen were not given multiple jabs this time round (which I had heard but hadn't seen reported before). Makes the similarities found between MMR damaged children and Gulf War vets with GW syndrome interesting (they have the same substance in their urine).

Who knows maybe one day soon the government/dept of health will realise that they have to treat parents as adults who are capable of making up their own minds and cannot be bullied into doing something.

Honestly a couple of weeks ago we heard that HRT wasn't all that safe after all, and that actually it didn't do a great job of protecting against osteoporosis, when only 18 months ago my friend was told by a consultant that she was stupid for refusing to take it.

Anyway shall sit back and watch the explosion

musica Sun 14-Dec-03 13:47:03

Thanks for posting that Jimjams - you're right, it is an excellent article. Seemed very unhypey too, which I always find makes it more credible reading.

Jimjams Sun 14-Dec-03 15:13:32

Yes it is good isn't it. Only browsed it earlier but now had a chance to sit down and read it properly. I think it gets across the issues pretty well.

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