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Request to parents of auti kids.

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Jimjams Thu 11-Dec-03 12:40:27

Just forwarding on this request

> > Hi all.
> > I am working hard at Uni now and am researching sensory
> issues with a view
> > to a designer developing a digital sensory environment.
> > I wondered if any of you kind people would fill in my
> questionnaire (
> > pretty please?!)
> >
> > It is designed solely for parents as my research is
> regarding children,
> > however if any aspies want to send me what ever bits of the
> form they
> > can and write on anything that may be of use, it would be
> most welcome.
> >
> > Thanks SO much!!!
> > Hope you are all well. I am drowning in a sea of AD/HDness at the
> > Moment so hopefully my studies will take my mind off things
> each evening!
> >
> > Jacqui
> >
> > The questionnaire is here
> >
> >
> > Apologies to those of you who are getting this request in
> triplicate!
> >
> >
> >

coppertop Thu 11-Dec-03 16:47:59

Yep. Filled it in and sent it back.

Loobie Thu 11-Dec-03 19:23:38

Me too!!

mrsforgetful Fri 12-Dec-03 01:16:51

I would be so chuffed if Jaqui actually read my questionairre!!! I have also mentioned 'eating' as a 'sensory' issue which disrupts our homelife ever day- do any of you see food as a sensory issue??? it even an issue at all in your little nests!!!!

Jimjams Fri 12-Dec-03 08:23:23

don't even talk to me about food and sensory issues A good 'treatment' for a hypersensitive mouth is to get one of those spray bottles of water and spray it on the cheeks and soft palate a few times a day.

Davros Fri 12-Dec-03 08:52:38

Jimjams, can I send the info on to other Egroups etc?

dinosaur Fri 12-Dec-03 09:42:03

I will do it jimjams

(DS had one of his best ever "gagging on potatoes" turns last night, so am well up on this!)

dinosaur Fri 12-Dec-03 09:47:44

I'm sorry but I can't find this on her website - could anyone who is more computer-literate than me (wouldn't be difficult!) please post a link to the questionnaire?

Jimjams Fri 12-Dec-03 10:05:56

I'm sure that'll be fine Davros - I asked before I put it on here and she said please send to as many people as possible.

Dinosaur should be a direct link

maryz Fri 12-Dec-03 12:06:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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