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really bad day could use a chat.

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kialiana Tue 03-Jul-12 22:56:34

hi i'm new on here. i just found out today that my son has DDH and has to were a leg brase. i am really upset amd stressed i dont know how i will cope.

i was really hoping to find someone to talk to as i have never felt this alone before in my whole life.

steppemum Wed 04-Jul-12 00:57:59

hi, sorry you are having a rough day, and to hear about your son. Did you know that there is a special needs section on mumsnet where you will find lots of supportive parentswho have been through the same thing as you? You might want to post there.
good luck

Alabama100 Mon 09-Jul-12 15:09:19

Really sorry you feel so bad today (hugs) he long does h hav to wear the leg brace?

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