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DLA renewal

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Jimjams Thu 27-Nov-03 13:51:07

Has anyone here filled in a DLA form more than once? (davros?) I kept a copy of my last application and to be honest not much has changed (although I guess there's even more a difference between DS1 and normality now so if they reduce my care component I shall scream!). So for the bits that haven't changed is it ok to just fill them in exactly the same as the previous form.

I'm alos appealing for mobility. The renewal is due in May 04- although they said to send the forms in asap. I want the mobility stiff to start now though, so should I send in my appeal forms I have and then the whole lot again as well.

Really can't face ringing the "helpline" again. It is staffed by rude, unhelpful bags of shite.

fio2 Thu 27-Nov-03 13:58:36

I would think it would be fine to put the same just change the wording slightly, but still remember to put the key words in as last time and keep repeating yourself. Also have found out there is a social worker who works at every cdc who can help with filling in benefits forms. Dont know if you'd want to do that - I know I personally wouldnt!

doormat Thu 27-Nov-03 14:00:35

I have jimjams.
Even though at 7 months old my ds was DLA'd off for life I had to do another one 3 yrs ago.

I would fill them in exactly the same and the bits that have changed fill them as best that you can.

I must admit on the walking bit, evertime the question was asked I got more and more angry at the end of it I put down "how many more times do I have to tell you my ds cant f-in walk"
Not nice but it made me feel a bit better.

Jimjams Thu 27-Nov-03 14:05:29

Thanks guys. I know what you mean about the walking bit I felt the same about the talking and interpretation bits! 24 hours, 24 hours, all the time agggghhhh

lol fio2- I had that help first time round as we had to see the sw as part of ds1's assessment. Haven't seen hide nor hair of SS since though. Mind you she did give good advice.

fio2 Thu 27-Nov-03 14:09:15

Don't get me wrong my sister had a social worker who used to help her fill in the DLA forms and DWA forms and she was lovely, very down to earth. But some of thanks!

I hate filling in the forms btw very depressing

Jimjams Thu 27-Nov-03 14:37:26

I do know what you mean fio2. I've stayed well clear of SS!

mrsforgetful Thu 27-Nov-03 22:23:06

how often do renewals have to be done- ds1 is 10 and dla award runs till he's 16

misdee Thu 27-Nov-03 22:55:06

first one was for 18months, this one runs for 2 years, but dd1 has a very changable comdition. i'm hoping next time she wont get DLA, as hopefully she wont need it.

tallulah Fri 28-Nov-03 19:56:55

My DS's original award was for either one or 2 years- I forget which. I had to renew it, & this one has to be renewed next September. I was worried I wouldn't get it renewed (& even more so now!) & didn't take a copy of either form.

The only thing to bear in mind is to complete every example as if it was the very worst day... lay it on with a trowel! (As mine is for ADHD this doesn't take too much imagination )

Davros Sun 30-Nov-03 10:29:00

I took my own advice and photocopied both forms I've filled in but they're in a box in the attic somewhere! Good plan...... I'm dreading filling it in again, I think in about a year

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