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mumo75 Fri 03-Feb-06 14:49:04

Hi my son had encephalitis at 16 months he has been left with difficulties (he is now 5) anybody out there had the same?

buzylizy Fri 03-Feb-06 19:13:24


anniebear Fri 03-Feb-06 20:19:02

I'm sorry, have no experience of this

will bump it up though!!

ntt Sat 04-Feb-06 19:56:41


nulnulcat Sat 04-Feb-06 20:00:31

i had it when i was 18 what difficulties does he have? i had a few mainly with short term memory and that affected my speech a bit but over the years its either improved or no one notices!

mumo75 Fri 17-Feb-06 21:01:11


DanielAndOmi Tue 03-Apr-07 16:44:53

hi sorry to be messaging so long after the op - new to MN and just done a search for encephalitis.

My ds had encephalitis (probably - we never got a definitive diagnosis) when he was 3.5. He still does have some difficulties (now 6)- would be great to talk this through more!

DanielAndOmi Tue 10-Apr-07 14:32:13

DanielAndOmi Mon 07-May-07 20:53:08

EncephalitisSociety Thu 15-Jan-15 10:38:43

We can provide information on Encephalitis and offer a support service for anyone affected , directly or indirectly, by the condition

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