Anyone on Merseyside? I have started a coffee Break group once a month....

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anniebear Tue 20-Mar-12 21:32:13!/pages/Coffee-Break-Xtra/280048748674389

hope the link to the facebook group works!! will have to copy and paste!!!!

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Grey24 Tue 20-Mar-12 22:18:27

Hello - I'm in Merseyside - Wirral - pleased to know someone else who is here; I will investigate your coffee break group.

anniebear Wed 21-Mar-12 08:34:03

brilliant smile Im on the wirral also smile could you find the group on fb? Ive only done 4 of them and its going really well, would be great if you could come along x

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Mouth Wed 21-Mar-12 13:21:46

In Liverpool. Is it a coffee group for mums of kids with special needs? Will have a look on FB

StabbyMacStabby Wed 21-Mar-12 19:00:47

I found it, I'm in Wirral too, mind if I pop along?

catherinea1971 Wed 21-Mar-12 19:16:31

Another one here from to look at fb link smile

keepingupwiththejoneses Wed 21-Mar-12 20:29:34

Sefton here! will go have a look

anniebear Wed 21-Mar-12 20:41:14

Oh fantastic, Im made up! the more the merrier. I started it back in Dec as there didnt seem to be other groups like it. Its very informal smile Have a drinks, biscuits or cake , I now have a lovely lady making the drinks for me in the kitchen smile and I put a cup out for donations smile

Last Month we had a fella come and chat to us for a bit about Crossroads for carers , was good smile

Please note, that Aprils has been brought forward a week because of easter hols, so its this Monday 26th March smile

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anniebear Wed 21-Mar-12 20:43:37

Yes , its for any parent/carers of children with special needs , as I said its really informal, just nice to meet up with other parents who 'understand'

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anniebear Wed 21-Mar-12 20:46:36

its only a few mins off the M53

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anniebear71 Tue 02-Jun-15 14:05:48

This is a very old thread but just to let you know I still run this group, twice a month 1st and 3rd Tuesday term time xx

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