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Does anyone have the 'Zip' special needs pushchair?

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boredandrestless Tue 13-Mar-12 13:26:40

Following on from my thread looking at options instead of a maclaren major, I've found the name of the model the guy who comes out to repair mentioned. It's the hoggi Zip.

Just wondered if anyone had one, what they thought of it, and whether they got it part/wholly funded through wheelchair services or whether you funded it yourselves.

purplehaze1968 Sun 16-Feb-14 17:27:04

Have had the hoggi zip for just over a year got it through wheelchair services, it is a solid but heavy pram but as an advantage of folding really small will fit most car boots. Accessories for pram are very expensive I purchased the hood and rain apron for £115.00 which I think are necessary refused to buy the back and seat liner at £112 and £88 though some people I know got these with the pram I unfortunately did not.Overall been pleased with this pram am back with my child for assessment this week as now needs stage two of this pram he is now age nine wheelchair services try to encourage parents to opt for wheelchair but if parent wants pram it's their choice.

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