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private dyspraxia assessment

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nsure Wed 07-Mar-12 20:06:00

Hi , does anybody know where I can get my son privately tested for dyspraxia in Bristol. many thanks.

nsure Thu 08-Mar-12 14:48:20

I can travel further if any one knows of somewhere. thx.

Ineedalife Thu 08-Mar-12 16:39:22

Hi, nsure, I am surprised no one has been able to give you some advice.

Usually there is someone around who can help.

I think you would probably need an Occupational Therapist to assess your son but I don't know if they can diagnose. Keep bumping and hopefully someone will be around later smile.

nsure Thu 08-Mar-12 17:44:00

ok thankyou, would really like to go somewhere where they could diagnose,or tell me if he definately doesnt have it . He is due to start secondary in sept and would like to know before then in case he may need some extra help there.

nothinginthefridge Thu 08-Mar-12 20:55:36

nsure - it's a long way I know but try here

DS2 had a very comprehensive assessment done here. The primary school sent him there and paid for the assessment. They were so impressed with the report, they had Mary Howard come and give them some training.

If it's too far to travel, give Mary a ring and I am sure she will put you in touch with someone nearer to you.

IndigoBell Fri 09-Mar-12 07:32:11

Any paediatric OT should be able to help. Just Google.

My one said she couldn't 'officially' dx, but she wrote something like 'DS has all the symptoms consistent with a dx of dyspraxia'

And then made a bunch of recommendations, all of which school have followed.

nsure Fri 09-Mar-12 09:11:11

thx, will google ot,s and will def look at the 3d centre .I dont mind travelling just wondered if anyone knew or anything in bristol. Also do schools have to take notice of a private diagnosis?

IndigoBell Fri 09-Mar-12 17:00:03

A good school will take notice of both a private and an NHS dx.

A bad school will take notice of neither.

What exactly do you want school to do? There is nothing they have to do because of a dx of dsypraxia.

However, hopefully a private OT report will come with some recommendations which you can ask school to do.

nsure Fri 09-Mar-12 17:11:32

thx for replying. He doesnt need school to do anything at the moment. However as he is moving to secondary in sept it is there that he may need some help, mainly extra time to get dressed, he still cannot do buttons, tie.I think he might struggle with the amount of written homework he is going to get. I am hoping that a diagnosis will help school understand why he needs a bit more help maybe as apposed to no diagnosis.I have been waiting for a appointment for a ot for other a year now which was referred from his last school. He sterted at a new school last sept as was unhappy at previous but new teacher although brilliant does not seem in any hurry to chase it up through senco.I dont want to seem too pushy at new school as he is doing so well there, hence why i thought i would just get him assessed privately.

nsure Fri 09-Mar-12 17:18:15

sorry, should also add that the ot dept where he is supposed to have been reffered to , when i phoned to get some kind of idea on waiting times , they said they had no record of him being referred which is why his new teacher is chasing it up.

nothinginthefridge Fri 09-Mar-12 17:27:57

How is your son with typing? I found that when DS was at his first secondary school (before we moved him to resourced unit) a lot of his homework, most in fact, could be done on the computer and either printed or e-mailed to the teacher. My son's OT recommended and

What is most annoying is the 'extended homework' that secondary schools tend to give out. A lot of children find the whole idea overwhelming. DS was supposed to get his in manageable chunks, just one other thing on his IEP that the teachers didn't bother with. angry

nsure Fri 09-Mar-12 17:36:45

hi, hes great with typing , if he would be allowed to use a laptop , he would have no problem .However I am not sure this would be allowed especially with no diagnosis. I suppose I am worried that he is going to struggle at secondary and am thinking a diagnosis now may help to be able to put some kind of help in place for when he starts .

nsure Fri 09-Mar-12 17:42:51

Also , apart from his writing , which is not good , he is acheiving really well, however , how much can really badly written work effect grades in all subjects. for example if he is really good at most subjects but the written essays are poorly written can this bring the over all grade down. Not only can my son not join writing , he also leaves out most punctuation marks and spaces.

nsure Fri 09-Mar-12 19:20:44

Also, is it onlyt an ot that can diagnose. My son is seeing an orthopeadic surgeon next week for a check up , he has ehlers danlos syndrome, can any paediatrician help or does it has to be a ot.

IndigoBell Fri 09-Mar-12 19:31:12

A paedetrician can dx dyspraxia.

Hassled Fri 09-Mar-12 19:36:31

My understanding (and it's possible that this varies from area to area) is that while an OT or whoever can say "Dyspraxic tendencies" or "symptoms that would indicate Dyspraxia" or non-committal things like that, ultimately a medic (a paediatrician) has to actually diagnose.

I take it you've talked to your GP about all of this? Because that would be the standard route. You're right to pursue it - one of my Dyspraxic DSs is in High School and doing really well with a laptop etc, and of course the diagnosis helps in terms of getting extra time (and use of the laptop) in GCSEs and that sort of thing.

nsure Fri 09-Mar-12 19:42:11

Hi I have been to my gp and he did say he will refer him , but to try to go through school again first.I think that even if a referal does get put in for him now he wont be seen in time for sept.

Paribus Sat 10-Mar-12 00:08:51

I would (and I did) go to Jackie Harland from London Children's Practice. She is very, very good, not cheap (we paid 380 pounds for an assessment last year), but she's really good. She might refer you to neurologist Diana Smyth- I didn't like her assessment tbh, but it might work for you, who knows. Good luck!

Debi79 Thu 23-Mar-17 21:27:46

Hi I have a daughter who has global delay development. I think she has more than just this tho. She is due to start secondary school in September and I have had no help what so ever. She is under weight she is 21kilos!!! I have been trying to find somewhere that I can take her private to get us a diagnosis I can't find anywhere either if you do have any luck keep me posted please good luck

Fairylea Sat 25-Mar-17 12:57:08

We went to Daphne Keen and she was amazing. Diagnosed our son with asd and dyspraxia.

Debi79 Sat 25-Mar-17 20:46:27

Hi I was wondering if you have herd of parent partnership they are independent and know the in and out of every school near you. They have been helping me with my On going battle with education board. They have open drop in advents which no diagnosis is needed they have occupational therapist avalible to talk to. Now is best time to see them. Search for tappas the school can do a lot to help with dyspraxia

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