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ADHD - Radio 4 phone-in programme 27/11

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janh Thu 20-Nov-03 16:45:30

Next Thursday, 27th, 3pm-3.30pm - Check Up.

email questions to

or call 0870 010 0444 from 1.30pm on the day of broadcast.

(This has been a Public Service Announcement )

mrsforgetful Thu 20-Nov-03 19:36:04

Thanks! thats one of the great things about mumsnet- we keep eachother up to date about tv/radio programmes etc!Typical it's being broadcast just as all us parents of younger ADHD children are off to collect them from school!!!! !!!! Still, i shall write it on my calender and simply pop a tape into my rad/cassette....and listen when i get back!!

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