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ADHD support Caterham, Surrey- would anyone be interested??

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sunnymum44 Sun 26-Feb-12 21:18:15

Hi, this is just a very tentative fact finding mission at this stage to see if anybody would be interested in a self set up parenting support group for the Caterham & surrounding areas.

We as parents of DS(6) have struggled for literally years now and are desperate to talk to others in a similar position as us, who find everyday family life a challenge due to various difficult behaviours. DS has just started medication for ADHD and we have kept our issues to ourselves, family and a handful of non local friends only. This is due to unfortunate ignorance around the condition and not wanting our DS to be labelled. I know a lot of people can't understand why we would want to keep this to ourselves but that is our decision and until now we've stuck with it. I do feel more ready to talk to others now but still have a massive worry of DS being ostracised and it seriously affecting him at school etc.

So, having really struggled to find any support or help locally, I've decided to bite the bullet and "create" it myself. My thought is a confidential group that meets once a month/ every 6 weeks at each others houses/ local pub perhaps. When I've asked in the past why there's a lack of parent support groups I've been told it costs too much money to set a group up and there's no funding for paying for a meeting place, all the admin costs involved etc. and someone to actually run the group. So why not set up a group that manages itself?

Your thoughts please would be much appreciated. As mentioned I'm afraid this wouldn't be something that will start next week but if there is any keen interest I'd be really willing to give it a go in the coming months. Who knows, maybe you know of a group already or have thought of starting one yourself even? Do let me know if there are any groups already. Thank you in advance for your comments/ thoughts. smile

pinkorkid Tue 28-Feb-12 09:06:13

Hi sunnymum,
Welcome to the board, I saw your post yesterday and meant to respond but had one of those manic mondays. Well done for taking the first step on this. I've got some limited local knowledge but will pm you if that's ok?

sunnymum44 Wed 29-Feb-12 22:16:40

Hi pinkorkid, sorry only just saw this as thought noone was keen as had no posts!! I'm not sure if my email details are on my profile. Will check tomorrow if that's ok.

Thanks for your words of encouragement & I'll be really keen to hear what you know. It's a big step for me doing something like this. smile

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