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Social worker.............?????????

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anniebear Sat 21-Jan-06 20:09:14

after mentioning about a social worker back in Nov 04!!! I have just had a letter saying somebody has been allocated to us and is coming out in a few weeks

What shall I expect? It sounds silly but not really sure what a social worker does!

I mentioned about one as I thought it might be a good supoort to us as I knew Portage, SN Toy Library was going to finish. Also for somebody to help fill in forms??

But I feel a bit silly as I know their are families a lot worse off than us and she might wonder what on earth we asked for one for

buzylizy Sat 21-Jan-06 20:21:29

I have found our Social worker a life saver. He is really good and helps out where ever he can. I think we on about our 4th but he is the best so far( I knew him before as he was nt ds beaver leader) don't worry about having a social worker it is really worth it. Sometimes ours just comes round for a chat. I think they know that people in our situation need extra support. I should say they also help with playschemes(and funding) respite and lots of other things you might need in the future.

anniebear Mon 23-Jan-06 10:27:19

Thanks for that

geekgrrl Mon 23-Jan-06 10:38:05

well, we saw our's once back in June with the promise of Direct Payments ... finally got to speak to her last week (!!!) - no money left in their budget. Totally effing useless, and completely uninterested in helping out.

buzylizy Mon 23-Jan-06 11:45:39

I think I am lucky with ours they are part of a disability unit so I think that helps. I know quite a few people in west sussex who can't get sw's so I think if you can jump at it.

anniebear Mon 23-Jan-06 13:13:03

well it has took long enough!!!

Just worried she will wonder what on earth have we asked for one for

Things have got a little easier lately (except sleep) and if anyone ever calls I am always laughing and joking so they think everything is ok

Maybe I should smell some onions before she arrives!!!

onlyjoking9329 Mon 23-Jan-06 14:26:39

glad you are getting a social worker, wheres the social worker from? if from the childrens disabilities team then you really have nothing to worry about, their job is to do an assessment of need and tap into things you may be able to get, e.g direct payments, respite, playschemes, can be good for back up support for school meetings or anything else really, they are on your side and will help if they can, they also like coffee & choccie biscuits guess what job i did

anniebear Mon 23-Jan-06 14:36:48

I don't know !!!!!!!!!!!!

I just asked Ellies Paed about one and she put the referal through

dizzy34 Mon 23-Jan-06 17:45:44

Hi, im a social worker and her role will be to assess your childs needs under the 'children in need' criteria. My friend is the dissability worker where i live and they offer some fantastic services such as outreach and play sessions. They can also be a great help when it comes to getting services etc. The word 'social worker' on a form whether it dla or whatever can work wonders. They will also have filled the forms in millions of times and things such as sections of the children act and the dissability discrimination act are at the forefront of their minds.What area are you from?

anniebear Mon 23-Jan-06 20:54:17

I am on the Wirral, merseyside

dizzy34 Mon 23-Jan-06 23:02:04

hi, im in widnes cheshire. im sure the wirral have a children with disabilites team so you should be okay. go on the wirrals web site, usually or similar, click on social services, then childrens services and it will tell you what teams they have.

anniebear Tue 24-Jan-06 07:26:39

Thanks Dizzy

anniebear Tue 24-Jan-06 17:35:37

spoke to somebody today and she thinks there is a childs team

She is coming out a week Monday so will let you know how it goes

Davros Tue 24-Jan-06 20:31:33

Annie, don't worry that she will wonder why you've asked for an assessment. Remember its very much about YOUR CHILD and how it affects you and the family. My view (as I droned today at the meet up) is that you present them with your situation and they then decide what you need, you're not forcing them into anything. Mind you, if they offer sod all then you'll have to think again about being more assertive but hopefully it won't come to that. Having avoided Soc Svs for years I have found them a godsend and I have a lot of respect for them.

anniebear Tue 24-Jan-06 21:10:18


Im just one of those that 'everything looks ok'

Anyone comes round and Im laughing and joking, no one really sees me cry except DH and the girls!

A lady came out ages ago to prioritise us for a sw, she was lovely, we had coffee and chatted, the girls were reasonably behaved. Ellie was a delight at times (until the lady left and all hell broke loose) and when I got sent the letter she had done I knew we were in for a long wait... "Ellie is from a loving and stable family"!!

All very nice, but it wasn't going to get us a SW in a hurry!!

To be honest, I know things have got better for us (need more sleep though!!) Its still very hard, haven't developed the rhino skin that was mentioned to me a few years back and I don't think I ever will, but on the whole things have improved slighty.

(I'm not on here moaning as much as I used to )

So I suppose I feel a bit like I shouldn't be wasting peoples time when other people are so much more in need

mojomojo3488 Sat 27-Aug-11 13:38:29

hi there i have just joined and would really appreciate any advice on how to get a social worker & how having a social worker could help me etc..
i am litterally at the end of my tether and do not know where else to turn with coping with my 8yr old son who is at the moment in a pru unit due to several mainstream school exclusions, he is being assessed for a statement and has had involvement from refferals to cahmms (three times they have closed the case saying there is nothing they can do for me) i disagree with lots of issues the pru unit put forward as they are inclined to say (in not so many words!!) that my sons behaviour is down to bad parenting!or another favourite saying of theirs is "its learnt behaviour" (from who is what i would love to know) even though ive completed up to level 4 tripple p parenting classes, done rewards & sanctions,set clear boundries, being obsessively consistant, praise & ignore,used insentives.....even taken him to the police station on occation. i beleive there is possibilities & simularities with regards to adhd and aspergers but whenever i suggest this i just get "were not qualified to make a judgement" or "getting a diagnosis wont change his behaviour so why would it help you to know if he has a condition". i really dont know where to turn or what to do, please help. i also have an older son who displays no simular behaviour to that of my youngest. :-(

bochead Sat 27-Aug-11 16:16:09

sadly yours is a common story in my lea : (

From my own experiences here's what I'd try in your shoes.

1. You NEED a referral for an ados (autism) multidisciplinary assessment and a connors questionaire (ADHD) both administered by a neurodevelopmental peadatrician as a 1st step. Get thee to the GP and refuse to leave the surgery until these referrals are made.

2. Apply asap for a statement of special educational needs (google IPSEA for a model letter to help you do this). An assessment for a statement will trigger a proper Educational pyschologist report to be completed for your child. This will help you think about your next steps in relation to your child's education.

Please, please DO NOT get in touch with SS until you are firmly in the medical assessment system or you'll be referred to the child protection mob who can't help you as they don't have the skill set (or the right mind frame) to help even if they wanted. Kids social services are divided into 2 areas - kids in need (disabilities etc for us lay bods) and child protection. Avoid Cahms like the plague until the medics have finished their investigations too if you can.

If you can't get anywhere with the NHS then you may have to go private sadly for those assessments - (this is now my own next step : () . There are people on here who will be able to refer you to knowledgable, sympathetic private experts. What I don't advise you is go along with the status quo - unless the PRU is really bringing a measurable benefit to your child's life. If he is asd there are specialist units around that could really help him and he deserves a shot in one of those at least for secondary. It really is worth fighting for the right placement.

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