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Have I died and gone to heaven?!!!

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mrsforgetful Wed 12-Nov-03 19:45:30

I had to take ds3 for his paed appt- but was unable to get anoyone to have the other 2- so we all went.....DS2 'performed' wonderfully for me...well, displayed plenty of ASD behaviours- he did a drawing then actually shoved it in my face- he didn't speak to her once however ds3 started chatting as if they were old mates- ans BEST of all he kept repeating odd words... in his 'baby voice'.... i had written a letter to her about ds2 so i didn't really discuss him- however her parting words were- " Can I call you anytime or are you at work?".....she doesn't usually follow up by phone - normally just get a letter a week later- however because there were a few DS1 school issues.... i won't build my hopes up incase she is planning to call about ds1 !!!!

fio2 Wed 12-Nov-03 19:47:24

lol mrs f you make me laugh! hope something good comes of it then.

Eulalia Wed 12-Nov-03 20:03:43

oh Good Hopefully someone is taking notice at last.

Bagpipes Thu 13-Nov-03 09:09:19

Message withdrawn

coppertop Thu 13-Nov-03 10:55:56

That's great news, mrsf. It sounds as though they're all finally starting to listen to you.

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