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social inclusion

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mrsforgetful Mon 10-Nov-03 12:14:05

did you see that bbc2 schools programme on for the last 20mins title 'social inclusion'- seemed to be about ASD though they didn't mention this.

fio2 Mon 10-Nov-03 12:17:17

I may have seen it before. Is about some town up north that has totally 'inclusive' system or was it somehting different?

The one I watched was totally brill. The impact that the 'inclusion' policy had had on ALL the pupils was amazing. It was a reall success story of how inclusion CAN work This one had PD aswell as LD pupils though.

mrsforgetful Mon 10-Nov-03 19:54:31

no this was different- was 1 of a 3 part series- though this one was the only one relevant to SEN.
basically was a drama aimed at 7-11 yr olds about a boy with ADHD (though i thought it was more like aspergers!) - all the other kids teased him because of his differences- however he helped the swimming team win a competition- so he became 'accepted'. It was very good and it got me wondering just how many schools will be showing it to their pupils - i managed to tape the last 15 mins .... but i wish i'd got the whole lot so i could have asked the school to show it- the title was 'A fish out of water'- says it all really!

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