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Non Verbal Learning Disorder

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mrsforgetful Sat 08-Nov-03 23:30:25

Can anyone tell me any info on this 'disorder' which i'm told closely resembles the 'higher'end of Asperger's???

Bagpipes Sun 09-Nov-03 08:39:21

Hi mrsforgetful - I would be interested to know too!! Nosey Parker here remember LOL

coppertop Sun 09-Nov-03 10:09:29

If you type 'NLD criteria' in google there are several U.S. sites devoted to this. Others call it NVLD. It looks a bit complex but from what I can see, people with Aspergers can have NVD. The two aren't necessarily entirely separate IYSWIM. I can't do links but maybe someone else can?

mrsforgetful Sun 09-Nov-03 22:08:18

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