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Autistic Choice of clothes!!

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mrsforgetful Sun 02-Nov-03 00:03:26


This stems from my efforts to keep him dressed in the latest 'dirty skate jeans' etc!
Though i encourage his 'individuality' - i thought it important to try to dress him so he 'blends' in when he's out of school- to avoid being bullied etc (i read somewhere that bullies often manage to pick autistic childrens as their targets because of how they are dressed??) So i saw it as my role to stop this !!

Because he has never shown any interest in what he wears - colour,style etc I have been able to do this for years!

I think part of the 'comfy' clothes is the sensory issue- jeans are rough and joggers are fluffy inside.

He's also fast approaching 10yrs old- so maybe he is beginning to show an interest in clothes as he approaches his teenage years....OH NO!!! He's already got the moods of Harry Enfield's Kevin ....Plllllllease don't let him want the hair and clothes too!

Eulalia Sun 02-Nov-03 11:16:56

What about those sports style trousers MrsF - they are quite smooth on the skin? Maybe a bit cold for this weather though. ds doesn't care what he wears, would prefer to be totally naked though of course - he generally removes ALL clothing when going to the toilet - it is more work than it was when he was in nappies!

beetroot Sun 02-Nov-03 11:19:40

Message withdrawn

fio2 Sun 02-Nov-03 19:03:08

lol mrsf, that really made me laugh

janh Sun 02-Nov-03 19:17:11

mrsf, if you get the woven kind of trackies they often have a lovely smoooooooth nylon lining. DS2 (who is 10) has some lovely ones from Matalan which also have a brilliant highly reflective stripe down the side - you can see them from miles away!

fio2 Sun 02-Nov-03 19:18:31

hi jan

janh Sun 02-Nov-03 19:30:24

hello, fio, how're you doing???

mrsforgetful Sun 02-Nov-03 22:37:05

Glad you all KNOW what i mean!! Do any of your kids hate wearing socks too??? If we're not going anywhere i don't issue any!!! DS1 is very fussy about what socks he wears- he hates sports socks or anything with stripes as he says the lose ends inside anoy him and he pulls them so ends up with holes all around the leg part- i used to mend them but now we get DLA i throw away socks when they are too bad- it was a hard thing allowing him to go to school wwearing broken socks- but even with DLA i cannot afford replace every pair!!! (he also will pull at threads in trousers so they gather up the leg like an australian blind)Also i have to keep an eye on his shoes/trainers for loose threads or unstuck leather/rubber as these get tampered with too.
This is where i am glad we had a diagnosis of aspergers- as before when he destroyed his clothes/quilt covers i used to feel so angry and was sure he knew what he was doing- now i accept this is a sensory issue and turn a blind eye to it if possible- and when family ignore my requests for plain black socks (his favourite) and keep giving him those 'packs of 5 socks for £1.99'from sports shops- i just let him wear them and when the stripes have been attacked i 'bin them'!!!
Ds 2 loves 'noisy' jeans- ie loves making his legs rub together as he walks! Hated a pair of 'zip off' leg canvas trousers so much that we had to buy some joggers and change him into them B4 we could carry on with our day out!!He also hates wearing bulky tops- so always a problem when weather is cold- however loves hoods!

ThomCat Mon 03-Nov-03 10:49:04

Yes MrsForgetful - Charlotte hates wearing socks. I like to think it's becasue she's a little hippy at heart! I buy shoes just to keep her socks on. If she can get those shoes off though she will! The amount of shoes and socks I have left that aren't a pair anymore. One of these days I expect to waklk into Pinner and see one of her shoes or a sock over everyones garden posts!!

Loobie Mon 03-Nov-03 12:00:02

you have just alerted me as to why ds has suddenly started announcing that he hates jeans, never gave the sensory thing a thought,though we do the sock thing too,rofl at the hole all round the top with pulling them up to hard we have lots of those socks too and if we do get socks which is usually only to go to school they must be inside out as the stitching annoys him,aren't our children great they give us such good topics of conversation-SOCKS

mrsforgetful Mon 03-Nov-03 23:29:36

And with 3 boys -i really am NOT exagerating when i guess that we've probably got 100 socks (mainly navy/black) all different sizes floating around waiting to be paired up....and that's where the fun begins! What i didn't confess to before is that i've even ended up buying more just because i can't face the 'sock sorting'!!!! What i'm planning next is black for ds1 grey for ds2 and navy for least then i'll reduce the stress a little!! LOOBIE.....i KNOW what you mean about these exciting topics we have!!!! I find it amazing that there's someone else out there with the same issues!

beetroot Mon 03-Nov-03 23:33:39

Message withdrawn

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