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Receptive and Expressive Percentiles

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wasuup3000 Wed 26-Oct-11 11:27:36

Ok the tribunal ordered new reports due to dd's new ASD diagnosis and they have backfired a bit on the LA I guess as dd has got significant difficulties in these areas according to the percentile scores and SaLT report.

As this is a NHS SaLt her report is a bit difficult to decipher in terms of what provision is needed.

So with scores on the 2nd percentile for receptive and 0.4 for expressive would this indiacte a need for 1-1 support in mainstream or a special school?

She has had 3 changes of schools in the last 3 years and is in mainstream with some variable shared support presently. We would prefer her to stay where she is but can hear the SENco moaning already about the inconvenience of more support as he can't even manage to make sure she gets her daily speech therapy session most of the time.

Do you think she would need any extra support or does she get already sound OK? Any help appreciated meeting with the LA on Monday next week to discuss new working doc.

DD is 12 and also has selective mutism and a specific learning difficulty.

IndigoBell Wed 26-Oct-11 11:57:44

Being below the 1st percentile is often a criteria for receiving a statement:

Hillingdon Guidelines

Receptive language skills at or below 1st percentile
Expressive language skills at or below 1st percentile

Try and find the equivalent document for your LEA.....

wasuup3000 Wed 26-Oct-11 12:07:23

Thanks we have statement currently discussing with LA the finer details in a working document before we go back to tribunal next month after an adjournment due to refusal to amend following a new diagnosis.

I was wondering if the scores meant that dd would need extra provision in terms of specific support or a more specialised environment which has been alluded to as a ASD environment in reports but all reports are vague NHS ones.

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