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ASD and DLA Refusal

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Lulu1981 Tue 25-Oct-11 20:19:11

Hi, DD2 who is 6.5 has received her ASD Diagnosis. We are rare exception in the fact that we visited the GP, received our CAMHS appoinment, and she received her diagnosis in 50 minutes from the Consultant meeting her.

I applied for DLA whilst waiting for her appointmenet and it wads denied as at school she displays less behavioral problems.

I have appealed advising them that although she is better at school she is only there 6 hours of the day and the report was answered by a teacher that had known her 3 weeks. I suggested that they contact CAMHS and the GP, the problem being is that we have very little evidence to support our claim, no reports etc as it has all happened so quickly.

Since diagnosis I have removed both my older daughters from school to Home educate them, this is mainly due to my older daughter who displays the same (if not worse) social problems, during DD2's appointment it was suggested that i get a referal for DD1.. so here we go again..

tallulah Tue 25-Oct-11 20:33:12

My DS is 22 and has been getting DLA for ADHD since he was about 8. His renewal this year has been refused, and on asking why I got the most ridiculous response. We have appealed and have been told it will take about 11 weeks.

If you google DLA refusal you will find they seem to be turning down all claims ATM as part of the cuts. I'm fighting it - suggest you do the same. Good Luck.

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