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Enhanced Activity Centre for Children with Special Needs in St Helens

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EnhancedActivityCentre Tue 25-Oct-11 14:00:49

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to spread the word about a new SEN provision centre that has opened in St Helens and am hoping to reach parents who need our services. The Enhanced Activity Centre offers care for children and young people with additional needs (aged 0-19).

Our innovative centre provides day care, holiday and out of hours provision offering a care programme which enhances and supports the lives of those with more specific needs. A highly qualified team of staff ensure that the care and environment will meet and promote social, moral, spiritual, cultural, mental and physical aspects of development with the hope of improving the every child matters outcomes. We have a range of facilities and activities available, including an ICT suite, arts and crafts corner, cinema screen, multi-sensory room and outdoor area.

There's a lot more information on our website ( and anyone with any questions can ask away here!



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