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Any experience of ICO?

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insanityscratching Mon 24-Oct-11 18:54:58

My pursuit of LEA continues wink besides pushing LGO to investigate I have also referred my FOI request to ICO.
Made request July, they missed the deadline, agreed to an extension, got a partial response although not the particular information I wanted just the bit I dressed it up with so that it wasn't obvious it was my request grin.
They blatantly lied as they insisted they keep no records of phase transfer amended statements whereas I pointed out how would they know when AR was due if that was the case?
Requested Internal review heard nothing, asked for an update at 25 working days reminding them that 20 days is the expected deadline but if it was going to be longer then I should have been updated.
Got an acknowledgement and an assurance that I'd be contacted the following week.At 31 days they asked for another extension which would make it 64 working days or 13 weeks after my initial request.
Ironically my request was to question how many phase transfer statements missed the February deadline grin
So sent all correspondence to ICO can I assume that they are as toothless and as ineffective as the LGO are trying to be or will they surprise me?

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