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ADHD but good at school?

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adriennemole Sun 23-Oct-11 14:02:23

Hi, Have posted on here a few times about my 3yr old who has DS but am looking for some advice about my 7 yr old DS.

Background. DS has always been a difficult and restless baby and toddler lots of tantrums which I sought help for, started school and he was no better. We have tried every kind of reward scheme, parenting classes, help from school for behaviour at home, looked at diet but are getting nowhere. It's getting worse and is affecting the whole family I am at the end of my tether sad

After some research on the Internet he does tick every box for ADHD in regards to his hyperactivity he was cartwheeling down the pavement today and when I asked him why he said he can't make himself stop and his body wants him too!
I really want to get further help on this matter but don't know where to turn mainly because he is good at school.

I have spoken to his past teachers and they have said that he does get spoken to about to about rough play at playtime, day dreaming and losing items ( pencils, pe kit etc) I have also read about some children with ADHD using every ounce of energy to concentrate and behave at school and then a huge release when they come home and also the fact that some children do better at school because they thrive on structure and routine ( very true of my DS).

If anyone has any wise words would be very grateful

indiastar Sun 23-Oct-11 16:42:39

No wise words, but I have a ds (8) who has ADHD. He is good at school, but doesn't sit still very often, concentration is a nightmare etc. Occasionally boisterous in the playground - but no more than the other boys. Huge meltdowns when he gets home from school, doesn't want to talk about school etc. (Not everyday, but most)! He normally calms down after he has eaten and I don't question him about school until much later!! Just asking what he had done at school sets him off!!

He was fine as a baby - although he didn't sleep well and still doesn't!

Feel free to ask me anything!

adriennemole Sun 23-Oct-11 19:26:09

Thanks for the reply smile
Your DS sounds very much like mine especially the meltdowns after school and calming down after food ( hunger is a big trigger).
He's just seems such an angry little boy at the moment and so easily frustrated as you say with your DS just asking him a simple question at the wrong time will set him off the constant leaping about also gets me down we've had the neighbours complain before now and with trying to care for DS2 as well I'm exhausted.

One thing I will ask if you in't mind is the steps you took to get a dx and how the school have responded.
Thanks again

indiastar Sun 23-Oct-11 20:07:28

It was school that asked me to take ds to the drs! To be honest, ADHD never really crossed my mind - I just assumed that he was a naturally hyper child with poor social skills - not in an ADHD way though.

School wrote a letter to our dr, saying how hyper he was and how he lacked concentration etc. We were then referred to a pediatrician from the hospital. They sent copies of the Connors questionnaire to us and the school to fill out which I sent back before the first appointment. Both our answers were very similar which after meeting with the pediatrician confirmed that he has ADHD, and a confirmed few other little 'quirky traits' - sensory issues etc. He is being referred to a therapist for these issues as they might be adding to the fidgeting etc. (Can't remember what kind of therapist though)!

I found this book to be really helpful ADHD--Living-Without-Brakes-Martin-Kutscher, which I borrowed from the library. I also read All Dogs have ADHD with my son, which he loved as he likes dogs and could point out which dog he was most like!

School have been really good with him. When I found out that he had it, I was worried that he was being told off all the time, but apparently they had suspected it for a while so had been very patient with him. Dinner ladies and other mums are a different story though!! They let me sit in his classroom for a day to see what he was like, and I can go in at any time. I have also given the teachers a book called 'How to Teach Kids with ADHD' that the pediatrician gave me.

Luckily my neighbours are lovely and claim not to hear any noise - he makes very loud random noises while he is playing!!! The constant leaping about I can cope with too, the meltdowns are not so nice - and neither are the dirty hand prints that I find all over the walls where he has tried to climb to the top of the house without using the stairs...touch the ceiling...get to the top of something or other!!!

devientenigma Sun 23-Oct-11 21:47:28

sorry not much advise really and must hurry to tidy up. Just wanted to say Hi, I have a ds who happens to have down syndrome and a daughter who has ADHD and ODD. Again it was the school who highlighted my daughter.

Triggles Mon 24-Oct-11 09:13:32

DS2 has ADHD (unofficial dx from paed), and lots of the behaviours listed here are common for him as well. He generally behaves the same at school (actually possibly worse!) as he does at home - I say possibly worse because he has sensory problems and reacts to all the extra stimulus at school (activity, other children, noise, etc) whereas at home it's a bit less "busy".

He does visibly struggle to sit still during haircuts (and other rare specific situations), but then completely falls apart all afternoon afterwards.

A referral to paediatrician from your GP is a good start. If your GP won't do that, then ask your school nurse. Our GP was a prat and refused to refer to anyone but CAMHS, because GP insisted that ADHD, ASD, etc were mental health problems, not medical problems. hmm A mistake that I clarified for her, as did CAMHS in their letter to GP stating that she should have referred the child to the paed. grin Our school nurse gave us the referral to paed, although CAMHS said if school nurse hadn't already done so, they would have.

indiastar Mon 24-Oct-11 09:51:20

Our Dr wouldn't refer us to anyone without a letter from the school.

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