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ASD and 3D at the cinema.........Is it a good idea?

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makemineaquadruple Sun 23-Oct-11 11:12:50

Morning everyone.

With it being half term i'd really like to take dd to the cinema at some point. She really wants to see the Lion King(as do I), but I think it's only in 3D. I'm not sure it's a good idea. I think she might find it overwhelming and a bit scary. I have no experience really to base this on, it's just a feeling.

Does anyone have experience with ASD and 3D?

Really appreciate your thoughts.


Depends entirely on the child.

My two both have autism and they bloody LOVE 3D films.

Other children I know who have autism hate them.

You have no way of knowing how your child will react until you try.

You may just have to take her but be prepared to leave if she can't cope.

Do you have those cinema passes? My two have them and it makes trips to the cinema sooooooo much cheaper!

DownbytheRiverside Sun 23-Oct-11 11:23:30

My DS can't handle 3D, nothing to do with fear and confusion with reality and more that it makes him nauseous and disorientated. 3D pop art has the same effect on him.
As Hecate said, try it and be prepared to make a quick exit if things go wrong. smile

GoodAndBluts Sun 23-Oct-11 11:48:55

DS2 hates 3D films, he doesn't like to wear the glasses and will happily watch the 3D film without them. He doesn't like the 3Dness of it, too over stimulating for him.

makemineaquadruple Sun 23-Oct-11 11:55:02

Thanks for replying.

It's never a quick exit with dd unfortunately. I can imagine that if she doesn't like it, she'll still insist that she doesn't leave. If something upsets or scares her, she'll keep trying, which overall is obviously a good trait to have, but in situations where you might be disturbing many others, it's very akward. Why is it only in 3D?!!! I'm sure there are many people who for whatever reason prefer the good old fashioned 2D.

Hmmm, really not sure whether to risk it or just wait for the DVD?

dottynosleep Sun 23-Oct-11 11:56:49

my ds is fine with them (I hate them though so usually go to 2d showings) he goes quite often with his tutor & the cinema exhibitors card has saved us loads of money

makemineaquadruple Sun 23-Oct-11 12:01:29

GoodAndBluts, this is the problem that I think dd will have. I think it'll just be too much for her. Does the movie really look exactly the same if you don't wear the glasses?

DownbytheRiverside Sun 23-Oct-11 12:13:24

If you don't wear the glasses, everything has a fuzzy rainbow coloured edge and looks a bit odd. You can still see what's going on though.

ihatecbeebies Sun 23-Oct-11 12:42:02

My son has ASD and ive taken him to see one 3d film, once I managed to convince him to keep the glasses on he really enjoyed it, I'm going to take him to see the Lion King in 3D now too. My friend works in a cinema and he says you can watch a 3d film without wearing the glasses too and it's ok, just with some of the bits that stick right out as if they are coming towards you the lines are a bit fuzzy. Enjoy the film grin

WilsonFrickett Sun 23-Oct-11 19:42:43

My DS hates the glasses and I think it can't be good for his eyes to watch the blurry effects without the glasses on (PFB alert!) so we tend to stick to 2D.

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