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Case law - OT as SEN for tribunal

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bochead Sun 23-Oct-11 01:04:03

LEA response to tribunal is that OT is not an SEN.


Pitch (not volume) senstivities severe enough to cause son genuine pain.
Dyspraxia - not diagnosed nor will it be unless I go private which I can't do in time for tribunal.

My key argument - kid cannot write despite LOTS of efforts inc doing the theoderscu programme at home for 10 months (though this has helped loads) and a school that is really trying. Writing is one of the 3R's so surely this makes it a clear sen?

The local OT is part of the same team that say ds has a social communication disorder with autistic traits and blame my parenting rather than allow a tertiary assessment. I'm not holding out hope that the dyspraxia wil ever be recognised if they refuse point blank to recognise the more obvious asd stuff iykwim. DS has been under assessment by local pct since March and I get the feeling that they are stalling on completion of their report.

School agree on the dyspraxia but as we all know they have to toe the party ine at tribunal sad So I'm looking for some case law like the re SALT on the ipsea site to quote.

Ben10WasTheSpawnNowWeLoveLego Sun 23-Oct-11 07:29:33

Here you go. Our private OT has written that into our report if/when we go for a statement.

Good luck!

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