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Fairthorne Manor

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Baxbird Sat 22-Oct-11 16:49:07

Hiya, new to mums net, but here I go!
I am mum to 2 children one who has CP and uses a powered wheelchair. He is year 6 and has just returned from a school residential trip to Fairthorne Manor, not far from Southampton, Hampshire. It took some forward planning but I have to sing the praises of the activity staff there. There were only a couple of things that he couldn't participate in, but he has been abseiling from trees, zip wiring great heights and kayaking down rivers!! He has had a fantastic time! I'm also lucky that his mainstream junior school( where he is the only child with special needs of this extreme) also arranged for his sna's to go too. The only downside for my son was that Dad had to go too, to sleep and nightime routines etc!! Cant win them all!

daireen Sun 23-Oct-11 15:23:21

It's great to hear that he had such a good time and that it is always useful to know of places that really are inclusive.

Joggingqueen Sun 23-Oct-11 16:16:53

I used to work at Fairthorne! In the nursery grin Fabulous place!

So glad your son enjoyed his time there!

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