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Gathering evidence for statement

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sazale Sat 22-Oct-11 11:24:26

After a full half term of what can only be described as hell I've decided that I'm not going to wait on anyone any longer and request a statutory assessment.

Although I know I don't need to present any evidence to make initial request I always like to be prepared and get things under way ASAP. I was advised by CAMHS that my daughter would be diagnosed with SPD if they could after compiling a sensory profile and that she may benefit from Sensory integration therapy. I was told its not available in my area so would have to pay private.

The OT's in my area made it clear (in there initial letter) that they will not advise on sensory issues but saw my daughter for dyspraxia type issues. They completed an abc assessment which placed her on 5th centile for manipulation and ball skills with an overall centile on the 9th. They won't go into school to advise as she is in secondary school and only provide that service to primary schools. The report provided no advice just printed sheets of exercises for me to do which clearly state should be done under supervision of qualified specialist! After I pointed this out they said they were going to alter all further sheets as they didn't realise they said that as had purchased a disc with them all on!

Would it be worthwhile to get CAMHS to confirm the sensory profile results in writing and the OT's to confirm unable to offer the support in writing?

My DD is struggling at secondary school and is struggling with the school environment. Despite input on school action plus since March she is now only in school for 2 hours a day in the inclusion unit. School have mentioned about applying for a statutory assessment and a CAF but haven't done anything about either yet (apart from sending me off with a CAF form to fill in 3weeks ago and despite several requests or them to support me completing it, they haven't).

Is it this type of stuff in writing that is useful? I contacted parent partnership on the 14th of October who were going to contact ed psych and school and allocate me with a worker but I've heard nothing since. I feel school are losing interest as whatever they try it doesn't work. I feel all on my own dealing with people who all talk the talk but never do anything.

Thanks in advance.

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