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Dc's amazing problem solving skills:)

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Ineedalife Fri 21-Oct-11 18:17:04

Just had this idea for a thread after talking to moose on the Friday night thread.

Thought it would be nice to talk about how brilliant our Dc's are at getting round their issues.

Dd3 is fantastic at masking her issues at school and has all kinds of ingeneous[sp] ways of doing this. although this can have a knock on at home as she vents her frustrations and is exhausted from coping with all her coping strategies.

Decided to share a couple and see if any others are doing similar things.

Dd3 hates creative writing but obviously has to produce some at school, so she rewrites storys from tv programmes, usually Horrid Henry or Tracy Beaker. One of these stories turned up at CAMHS when her teacher supplied it as evidence of her great imagination

She finds it really difficult to talk about her emotions and very quickly realised that if you move your face to the worried or upset parts of the emotions board at her old school you have to talk to the teacher about why you feel like that. So she just always put her face on happy. Problem solvedhmm.

I am amazed at how inventive she is. grin

Anyone elses Dc's do this?

Ineedalife Fri 21-Oct-11 20:01:22

Maybe not will go and havebrew.

coff33pot Fri 21-Oct-11 23:09:08

Good idea Ineed! smile

However DS isnt coping very well with much to be honest only I have noticed one thing lately.

Although fully verbal he doesnt actually understand the words he is using and finds it difficult to explain himself. Also he hates being out of control of situations and scared he will fail. However the last few days at school and at home he has used the phrase "my friend says blah blah blah" if he is asked a question he comes out with the answer of "my friend says....then the answer"
So I think he has worked it out that he wants to interact but if he says "his friend says" then his friend would be the one getting it wrong. grin

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