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Very proud mummy moment - just wanted to share

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whojamaflip Fri 21-Oct-11 12:48:53


Have namechanged recently so quick run-down on ds2 - 4.5, epilepsy and poss verbal dyspraxia.

Anyway wanted to share ds's sharing assembly this morning......

He stood up in front of the whole school and the reception class parents and said "I like 'putors". This is a child who only had 10 clear words in June, and only used those with adults he was comfortable with.

I bawled my eyes out - the class teacher bawled her eyes out and even the HT was a little wet eyed. So, so, so proud of him - I knew he was trying hard to talk in sentances and was getting more confident but to do it in front or 200 people and while using a microphone just beggers belief!! grin

GoodAndBluts Fri 21-Oct-11 12:50:34

Aww well done him! I woud have cried as well!

purplemurple Fri 21-Oct-11 12:51:49

Well done, thats lovely smile

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 21-Oct-11 12:57:48

aww lovely smile

coff33pot Fri 21-Oct-11 13:07:17

Awwww I nearly had a cry reading it! Thats wonderful, well done little man smile

EllenJaneisnotmyname Fri 21-Oct-11 23:47:58

How lovely. smile

anniebear Sat 22-Oct-11 06:24:51

totally fantastic x

signandsmile Sat 22-Oct-11 08:00:54

that's fantastic, really pleased you posted. grin

MangoMonster Sat 22-Oct-11 08:25:56

So brave smile

exoticfruits Sat 22-Oct-11 08:37:15

Well done-it makes me feel tearful not even knowing him!

LottieJenkins Sat 22-Oct-11 08:42:33

Well done!!!!!! I know how difficult it can be so i can understand how proud you are!!

LeninGrad Sat 22-Oct-11 08:58:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chummybud1 Sat 22-Oct-11 14:07:23

What a star

whojamaflip Sat 22-Oct-11 15:56:38

Thanks guys - still can't believe he's done it - have to keep looking at the video just to check I haven't deamt it grin. hats off to school for the extra work they're putting in to him and his SALT - she said he would get there........and now I think he just might x

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