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Mother of all meltdowns on the way home

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BabeRuthless Thu 20-Oct-11 19:47:47

Ds has gone from wanting to pick up every leaf that blows away, to wanting to pick up every leaf that was on the floor, to wanting to pick up every single thing that was on the floor. I had to physically pick him up (no mean feat, he's only 4 but a big lad) and carry him back or we'd still be there now. All this while he was kicking and screaming for me to let go. It must have looked awful to anyone watching. He's so tired out in general right now and I think this is how it manifests itself. It's taxi to school tomorrow and then play it by ear for the way home. Hoping this clears up over the half term but if it doesn't, do I speak to cahms? Ds has autism and apparently is "fine" when Dp takes him to school <knaws on knuckles>

coff33pot Thu 20-Oct-11 20:22:15

DS fills his pockets on the way to school with leaves and all sorts. He likes to crumple them near his ears as he likes the sound they make. Same with stamping on them.

I have restricted him to five special leaves. Two for ears, two for pockets to have at home and one for his sister! Its working so far...........

Now I have this problem with dead palm leaves instead.........confused

Hopefully half term will chill your DS out a little. I expect he is over tired with all the school business smile

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