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What information to send with DLA forms?

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Voidka Thu 20-Oct-11 17:41:40

I have DS's renewal forms here to mull over.

What kind of evidence should I send with it - I didnt send any with his first claim.

I have Portage assessments, OT report from last year, Paed letters and all his school sheets (from his home school diary).

bochead Thu 20-Oct-11 17:53:59

Photocopy and send EVERYTHING. I kept a 3 month diary and sent that in too!

I'm firmly of the opinion that too much info is better than not enough, especially as sometimes people are turned down cos of telephone convos with HT's, social workers or other professionals who don't even know the child well. In the event of something like this happening all the written evidence can act as a counterweight.

There seems to be an increasing assumption that dla is a perk, not a neccessity and this government are trying to clamp down on the number of people who get it based on arbitary targets. You have the proof so it'd be daft not to use it.

proudmum74 Thu 20-Oct-11 19:57:23

Hi, send any kind of report that helps support the level of additional support your dd needs. For example, for dd I included everything you suggested as well as a list of all the exercises (sheets from OT or physio), therapy sessions, hospital appointments, senco / portage appointments etc. we do in a week.

I also got our lovely health visitor to write a letter confirming that dd needed a high level of additional support

Good luck!

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